July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July! We have been busily preparing for our Ontario Tour 2007...coming up in just 2 short weeks! A massive thank you must go out to our friend Kris King for helping making this tour happen. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE alert your Canadian friends and family that Jules and the Family is coming to rock Toronto!!! Check the calendar for details! I have spent the last few days decompressing from a long school year that ended last week. We kicked off the summer with a great gig at the Midway Bar in Manhattan...while the rest of the city melted away, suffered from power outages and mass transit delays, JATF played some new tracks from Border Radio and some classic tunes from our first record. While there we had the pleasure of checking out 2 great bands that performed before and after our set: Peter & Paul and Scott Maher! I always love supporting fellow bands, so that was a big highlight for me. Ok, camping this weekend for 3/4 of JATF...the pics from last year's trip never did get posted - they are still at a CVS in New Rochelle - but hopefully we'll be better about documenting the rafting this year. Have a great holiday week! Jules

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