Sunday, April 1, 2007 Hope all is well! It has been a great weekend. Friday was Lindsay's birthday (HAPPY 26th!), and Saturday was a day filled with music and fun. I spent the morning putting some new/old tracks down with Fred Gillen Jr. for a future Julie Corbalis folk album (which went well!), and then Scully and I drove up to Ellenville, NY, to hang with our good friend and awesome musician, Bryan Gordon. Bryan got the barbeque going while we blabbed endlessly about life and music and other topics. We even jammed a little bit - Bryan taught me some Eddie Cochran! It sounded great on the Gretsch. We also got to hang out with Bryan and Kate's awesome kids, Sully and Reily! There were definitely a lot of laughs. You can check out some of Fred's and Bryan's music if you just click on the LINKS page.

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