Sunday, June 24, 2007 Another Sunday has come and gone...as well as another fine weekend to share some stories from. Last Thursday's MakeMusicNY gig in Astoria could not have been better! Undeterred by rain, JATF moved the sidewalk show inside Gilbey's when storm clouds rolled overhead (THANKS to Lars and Mike for making that happen so smoothly!). The show itself kicked butt...the Guzzlers were out in full force! Thank you especially to KOB, Deky, Dr. Ron, MTV Dave, and Tommy for singing and playing, and to the entire JATF Official Street Team - your t-shirts looked great! On Saturday JATF entertained the crowd at the very successful benefit for Austin MacGuire at Murphy's in Yorktown. Marc Von Em and Fred Gillen, Jr. were also on hand for this special event - and they both TOTALLY ROCKED! These two prolific songwriters blow me away every time I see them and I feel so absolutely honored to call them my friends and fellow musicians. Please, when you get a moment, check them both out - I promise you will not be disappointed! Everyone involved with Austin's benefit was so great and it was our pleasure to hang with you guys all day - Chris Painter, Pat Corcoran, The Duffy Family, The Murphy Family - you are a special bunch. Today was another long day, but a beautiful one. After tail-gating with my family, the Mets swept the A's at Shea: Jose Reyes stretched a double into an inside-the-park homerun to lead off the game! Ok, I think you get the point that it was a great weekend. Hope yours was fun, too. Jules

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