Feb. 22, 2006 THIS JUST IN (yesterday): JULES AND THE FAMILY ON THE AIRWAVES IN DENMARK! Radio Holstebro (97.4 FM) is playing "DO IT AGAIN" sometime today! YEAH!!!!!!!! Thank you, Kjell, for making this happen. Day 4 Recording Yesterday was the toughest day in the studio for me, so far. I'm trying to clean up a little singing sloppiness without losing my "style", which is really just untrained scooping that I like to think is bluesy. Many times, though, it just ends up sounding flat. I sang Suesstender over and over and over last night, but I just couldn't get the notes out that I needed to sing. It was kind of little setback in my mind, but the guys were super supportive and have convinced me it CAN and will be done soon. Ending on a fantastic note (no pun intended!) we put down the scratch track for "Pushing Them Away/Maybe I Said" and it was great. More of the same tonight! Lastly, Sculls worked on a little documentary footage last night that will be posted soon...it's really funny! Be good, jules

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