Day 3 Recording (2/21/06) NEW PICS UPDATED FROM RECORDING SESSIONS ONE AND TWO! After a bit of a drum debacle yesterday morning, the afternoon and evening recording sessions were very good. "Suesstender" is shaping up to be some classic JATF...it's a bit of an homage to the staff at Gibney's in Astoria. We have been videotaping the process; I'll be able to post some of that "documentary" footage hopefully tonight or first thing tomorrow. Today will be a great challenge because we are not meeting until nightfall and we plan on tackling the "new" tunes we have all written together over the past year and a half. All four of us have invested a lot of emotion into this particular batch of tunes, so it will be extemely interesting to see where today's session takes (or leads) us. Have a great week! Jules

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