Wed. Feb. 6, 2008 Check out the calendar for this weekend's gigs in Putnam and Astoria! Hope all is well! I can't believe I haven't updated this thing in a few weeks...every night is so busy! All of a sudden the Spring is filled up with gigs, both in NY and abroad. With the help of Fred Gillen and many other dear friends, I have been able to put together a 4 song sampler of new tunes for the Belgian tour tunes that will appear on my solo record in just about 2 months from now...I think. I keep trying to remind myself to keep things simple, live, real. The problem is that the studio just opens up so many opportunities that it really becomes hard to just sit there and do just one guitar and one vocal track. It is so easy to get carried away. Thoughts of keeping it simple reminded me that we just bought the new Sheryl Crow album, Detours, and so far what I've heard is really beautiful: raw, real sounding, one-take vocals and an acoustic to round it out...And real lyrics!!! God, it was so refreshing to hear that girl sing about real shit once again! It's like she's come to a point where she's realized that she doesn't need the endorsement blood money, and just sings from the heart...really from the gut this time around. Awesome. Finally, Scully and I have also had the pleasure of catching some GREAT live music over the past few weekends - the PICS of which will be posted tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I've got jury duty - for the first time ever - tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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