Jan. 15, 2007 Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! I celebrated with a long weekend of original music and spending some quality time with good friends. PICS will be updated later today. Friday night was a smash success at The Starving Artist Gallery on City Island! An addition to unveiling a couple of brand new originals, I was so lucky to be joined by Jorge Caraballo of Beatles Tribute band Rubber Soul for duets on "If I Fell" and "Two of Us." Jorge then serenaded us with a few more Beatles classics and finally joined me on the encore "Don't Let Me Down." Just when I thought it couldn't get much better, my good friend and bandmate Marc Osborn joined me to perform many of our brand new tunes that will be appearing on our second album! It was really a very, very special occasion. Special thanks to Monica, Elliott, and Hannah for hosting a wonderful evening, as well as everyone who came out to support local music including Debbie, Marci, Yolanda and Louie (and Scully, of course!). The Starving Artist is an incredibly special place, and I look forward to getting back down there for Two Guitars in a couple of weeks. The following evening, Saturday, was an equally great show at the Dockside Pub in Mahopac. Thanks so much to Michael at the Dockside for hosting local live music, and to Joe Potts, Tommy and Janine of Tell Tale Signs for inviting me to open for them. I am very lucky to be in the company of such great musical talent. Love what you do, Jules PS - I ALMOST FORGOT! Julie Corbalis Belgium tour t-shirts from Summer, 2006, are now on sale at Rebirth of Slick. We sold out of these cools shirts designed by my friend, Ben Maniere...so check them out!

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