Oct. 12, 2006 Hope you are having a good week thus far. We have updated some pics today from our celebration and benefit at Gibney's in Astoria for our friend, Kieran Ryan, who passed away last week. Kieran and I became fast friends once I started hangin' around Gibney's about 6 years ago. He was a sound engineer and I was a budding singer/songwriter, so we always had a lot in common. When I began doing gigs at Gibney's, Kieran would always stick around to help me with my massive P.A., which I hadn't a clue how to use, and would often give words of encouragement and advice on how to be the best performer I could be. He particularly enjoyed my little rendition of Elvis Costello's "Allison" and offered to help me record it and send it off to Declan McManus (Elvis Costello) himself. Kieran always gushed about this band he had been working with called The Prodigals: an Irish folk rock band who were constantly on the road and picking up news fans wherever they went. I always promised Kieran I would make it out to a Prodigals show, but unfortunately, I never made it until Kieran was no longer with us. I finally did get my chance to meet and listen to The Prodigals last Thursday. Thanks to Ruari and the gang at Gibney's, a hugely successful benefit concert to celebrate the life of Kieran Ryan was organized in two days, and attracted local musicians from all over the tri-state area including myself, Jay Gisser, Niall Cremin, Tosser and The Prodigals. The place was jam packed and we all raised a bunch of money for a children's charity in Kieran's name. It was truely a lovely night. I know it is what Kieran would have wanted. Alright...enough for now. Thanks for reading. Jules

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