Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008 Good afternoon! Getting ready for the release of my new solo CD! If you would like info on Jules and the Family, please check out www.myspace.com/julesandthefamily. Thanks! PICS FROM AUGUST EVENTS UPDATED! Well. There are so many events to update you on! After the wonderful Redding gig, Jules and the Family had an equally triumphant show in lovely New Canaan, CT. The setting was spectacular, and once again, the people were great. We even got to hang with the one and only Tracey Kroll, our friend and photographer who helped us get started promoting our most recent record about 2 years ago (check out his work on the back and inside band shots of Border Radio!). We also met and hung with Olivia, Tracey's daughter, an aspiring guitarrist and nationally recognized swimmer (move over Michael Phelps!!). For me, the best part of the night was talking with little Annabelle, a new young fan who wrote us an amazing letter, detailing how much she enjoyed the show. We were thrilled to meet you, Annabelle, and a response will arrive shortly. Following New Canaan I played two solo shows on City Island, The Bronx, and in Hartsdale, Westchester. I have been lucky lately, getting to play shows where I can play all my new songs to audiences that are very interested and listen to both music and lyrics. These two shows have really given me a boost of confidence about the new record, which I am eagerly awaiting to share with you. JL joined me on Friday at The Starving Artist - and man was he "on" that night! I really, really love listening to JL play his acoustic...I just can't figure out for myself how to get that gorgeous sound out of my own guitar! The Starving Artist was especially great because JL played one of my all-time favorite pieces that he wrote called "Charlotte's Song." It's an instrumental that stops you in your tracks. You just want to hear it again and again. I loved it so much years ago that I learned how to play it, so I could do just that - listen to it over and over. A little known fact about JL is that he also wrote the music for our tune "Spinning." Many people approach me to say that is their favorite track on Border Radio. JL is immensely talented, and, I think, often overlooked as a songwriter. I am so glad he got to shine on Friday night! As you can tell from the updated PICS, there are many more stories that have to be told from August. I'm gonna gather my thoughts and update again at the end of the week. Right now I have to do some planning for the school year - BACK TO SCHOOL on Thursday!!! (Teachers only).

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