Sunday, Jun 22, 2008 Hope this homepage finds you well! Things have been pretty great around here, however I am finding the limits to which I can stretch myself and still get things done. I've been double booking like crazy lately, and it is finally getting to the ones I love. I'm sorry! It's getting to me, too. I'm not making excuses, but here's what's been going on: #1) I'm leaving for JAPAN a week from today. I'll be on a teacher study tour throughout the country, visiting cities including Tokyo, Nagoya, and Hiroshima. Since March I've been in Japanese history and language classes many weekends. I have already met a bunch of wonderful people and I can tell the trip will be one of a lifetime. I will be keeping an updated blog with photos while there, so please check back often and write to say "Konnichiwa!" #2) I am finishing my solo record THIS WEEK! I've got 3 sessions scheduled with Fred to clean up some odds and ends, overdub some tambo and shakers, and then it's over. Wow. I'm really happy with the organic sound the songs have grown into. For me, and hopefully for you too, these babies are a nice bunch of old and new tunes. Most of the old ones have gotten facelifts, too, which is awesome because they all needed that little something that kept them off of previous records. #3) Teaching ends this week! And while I am sad to see some of my 8th graders go on to bigger and better things, it is definitely time to move on :). This school year has been a life changing experience for me, in terms of recycling. I have learned more about the earth and our environment than ever before, and I'm loving it. We bought my folks a compost bin for their anniversary (how romantic!), and while mom was a little skeptical she pointed out that her grandmother ("gramma on the farm") used to compost naturally, putting old veggie scraps and what not back in the soil of the garden. Who knew gramma on the farm was so hip to saving the environment? :) So yeah, these things and others have kept me hoppin' more than usual throughout the Spring. I'll be glad once I'm in Japan to be forced to just concentrate on the sights and sounds of Nihon...and who knows? maybe a "Japan Song" will be inspired, much like my experiences in Greece and Belgium! OH! And two more things: the pic above is a part of the new album. Thank you SO MUCH to Amber and Juice Imagery for making me look good!!! And, check out 2 new videos of Fred and I from the Old Iron Spring Festival on the Music/Video page. Keep in touch! Love Jules

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