10/23/06 I really hope to see you at Dockside in Mahopac Thanksgiving Weekend! Tickets are $7 and you get a whole night of original music from myself, MARC VON EM, DANA EDELMAN, CHRIS FOLEY, and CASSANDRA FRAKE! Check the calendar for details. Hope all is well! It has been a great week and weekend. Last night Sculls and I checked out PIE BOYS FLAT at Gibney's and of course, they were awesome! Definitely one of my local favorites. You better get out to see them now before they break out - which won't be long I'm sure. Oh, and the photo above is Marc, Eamon from the Prodigals, and me! The LINKS have recently been updated...go check them out! Jules PS. Halloween is almost upon us! Check out a NEW LINK on Haunted Places around the USA!

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