Saturday, January 5, 2008 PICS FROM THE STUDIO UPDATED TODAY! Lyric of the week: "Come pick me up Take me out F**k me up Steal my records Screw all my friends They're all full of sh*t With a smile on your face And then do it again" -Ryan Adams HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your new year so far. Scully and I rang in the new year with Elvis Costello at the House of Blues in Atlantic City...of course, HE FREAKIN' ROCKED!!! And the best part about it was we got to sit right up front - no one standing in my way! You know I'm short, and this tends to be a problem at every show we attend, so this small victory made the show even better! Elvis put on a really rockin' show, and of course, the one time we try to follow the rules and not bring a camera, security could care less as people snap photos throughout the show! I was so bummed. In other news, we have begun the countdown to Belgium 2008! We'll be joined by Chris and Brad, and Pat has set us up some gigs in Antwerp and possibly Brugges...good times. I've also started to set up gigs for the return of Pat kelly to America in April/May, 2008. If you can recommend any cool venues please e-mail me. Alrighty, it looks like a beautiful day outside (albeit, chilly), so let me take a look around and see what's happenin' outside my window. Have a good weekend, Jules

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