Wed. Feb. 20, 2008 HELLO FROM BELGIUM! So much to say, I'm not sure even how to begin! Scully, Chris, Brad and I flew out of JFK Friday at 8pm, getting into Brussels Airport Saturday morning. Belgium is 6 hours ahead of NY, so while we felt like it was the middle of the night, we entered the Belgian world at about 10am. Hands filled with suitcases and guitars, we got thru the airport and took two trains to get to Mr. Pat Kelly in Antwerp. AH, back in Europe, running thru airports and train stations with bags and instruments...we haven't quite figured out the relaxing vacation itinerary! Anyway, we found Pat in front of Kelly's Pub at just about 1pm - right where we left him a year and a half ago! We grabbed Pat and hopped a cab back to his place to drop the bags and grab some grub.... I'll be back later....gonna eat some dinner. Love Jules

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