Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006 As usual, it has been a music-filled weekend from Westchester to NYC! Friday night Marky and I met up in the studio to write some final harmonies for our tune "Comes From the One." This tune, along with 11 others, are all part of the much anticipated new album from Jules and the Family. We wrapped things up at midnight and scooted over to meet Scully at Sunset House in Peekskill to catch THE A.M. BAND, who put on another ROCKIN' performance. The A.M. Band is definitely one of my local favorites, and to my delight, Jay Gisser and Bill Gordon (Bryan's brother) joined the band for mini set of funk-filled classics and the always crowd pleasing original: Manthem! Bryan wouldn't let Marc and I leave until we joined in on some good ol' Beatles and Pretenders covers. (Really, I'm not exaggerating: when I said we'd rather just watch and not come up for tune or two, he led the crowd in a "Julie! What the F**K?" chant). Ah, good times. On Saturday we grabbed mom and dad and headed to the Starving Artist Cafe on City Island to catch the band Rubber Soul for 2 sets of NOTHIN' BUT BEATLES!!! My dad and I were in heaven. As soon as I find their website I am adding them to my links because they totally rocked. Of the three singers, each one held his own successfully channeling John, Paul and George, on tunes from all different albums. The solos were note for note dead on and the harmonies were gorgeous. WELL DONE, RUBBER SOUL (The pic above)! Check out some NEW bands on the Links page! Ok, enough for now, have a good week and happy shopping! Jules

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