Sunday, August 3, 2008 Good morning! I have gotten over my jetlag and now we're back on the road. Sculls and I headed up to the KOA Cooperstown in Upstate New York on Friday afternoon. I had a fun gig and met some great people, including the 2 Mikes, Colin, Richie and Patty, the owner of this KOA. Imagine our delight when we discovered that not only was this the Baseball Hall of Fame town, but also the home to various Belgian beer festivals! What luck! The Mikes were hysterical, showing up to the show in their monk robes - they brought the appropriate apparel for a beer festival! And Colin was the quiet good sport who made sure no one got hurt. And Richie was awesome too - a teacher and Cubs fan from Arkansas travelling with his father to see the Hall of Fame and some more of America on the way. It was wonderful to be immediately welcomed in a far away town...once again it was baseball that saved our day. We can always talk baseball with new folks when we don't really know what else to say. Finally, a big thanks to Patty for putting us up (and putting up with us!). We'll be sure to visit and get to that Hall of Fame next time around. We woke up at 5AM in Cooperstown and hopped in the car to get back down to Hartsdale, in Westchester, NY. Grey skies loomed overhead, but I am happy to report that we actually got some sun and got the whole gig in before the heavens opened up and swallowed the Tri-State Area for the rest of the afternoon. Here, once again, we met the wonderful Lee, the man who oversaw the music at this farmers' market. Lee videotaped a couple of tunes at the market and should have them up on YouTube shortly. I will let you know when that is all set. Now we are settling in for a quiet week before heading back upstate to Franklin NY, near Oneonta, for another fun evening at the KOA. If you are into camping, I highly recommend joining us! Thanks! Have a great week, Jules

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