Thursday, Aug. 24 The final night at Kelly's was a huge success! I am completely out of the Sample CD's of our 3 new tunes! We are going to attempt to put them on line for the remainder of the tour in case you would like to give them a listen...More info about that to come. Tomorrow we drive to Zeebrugge and Lichtervelde for a weekend of 4 more gigs in 3 days! There has been an overwhelming outpouring of support for live music here in Antwerp, and I am truly looking forward to returning in the near future! Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Another great gig in Antwerp last night! I somehow managed to play a completely different set from the night before, and even have a few songs leftover that will be new at tonight's gig. We were "blessed" with a visit from our very own, Phil Brady, studying in Rotterdam. Phil always manages to take the party to the next level (call me for an explanation). Anyway, Scully and I took a walk through Antwerp this morning and it really is a beautiful little city. We had the best flaky-croissant thingies for breakfast, and tomorrow we will certainly hit up the waffle stand. Our hosts at Kelly's have been very gracious and accomodating, as long as we remember to bring our glasses back downstairs in the morning. The CD's went well again last night, and we even had some guests come back again after Monday's gig. Special thanks to Bob and Jean and Frank and Tina from England - don't be surprised if we show up at your doorstep sometime in 2007. Right now we have to figure out our travel situation for the weekend - we are attempting to rent cars and drive down to the Lichtervelde gigs. The drivers here make New Yorkers seem tame, so this will certainly be an adventure. There are more pics updated this morning, and still they don't even scratch the surface of the places we've been and the things we've seen. If we can we'll stop back tomorrow and post a few more. See you Soon! Jules

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