Monday, December 24, 2007 Good morning and Happy Holidays! I finally started and finished my Christmas shopping yesterday! It has been a busy but awesome month. We started off December by driving to Philly to catch the one and only Stephen Lynch - a singing comedian. I highly recommend checking out his MySpace and catching a live show...all I can say is that he is one funny dude, especially for those of us with an off-color sense of humor. Last week Sculls and I went to an Anthony Bourdain book signing down in TriBeCa, where we got to meet one of our favorite pseudo-celebrities. We love his show on the Travel Channel "No Reservations". He was as honest and blunt as he is on TV, and that made us very happy. We are rounding out the month in Atlantic City on New Year's Eve to see Elvis Costello and the Imposters! The tickets say "no cameras" but we'll see if we can sneak one in. I am really looking forward to that show. "How's the new album going, Jules?" my mom has been asking lately. I have good news to report on that front as well. Jay Gisser and John Madden came down to the studio on Saturday afternoon to do some work on the tunes "Broadway" and "Jersey City." All I can say is they totally rocked. Fred also jumped into the recording room to throw down one great take of harmonica for JC. It was awesome. Ok, have a great holiday, and keep in touch! Jules

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