Sunday, August 27, 2006 Well...It is Sunday here in sunny Handzame. This week in Belgium has certainly been one to remember! I will write more when I can sit and really think about everyything, but as far as an update here goes: The Antwerpen gigs with Pat Kelly were fun and the staff at Kelly's were awesome. We arrived in our rent-a-cars at Lichtervelde on Friday, just in time to have dinner with the owner of Kavijaks, Chris. He is a true music fan and treated my family and friends like royalty. Marcell and I played 4 sets total and were joined by my brother, Chris, and John Crawley on two tunes at the end. Last night was the Cafe de Luyte in the town of Lichtervelde. The place was absolutely jam-packed and the people really enjoyed live music. Today we are recovering at our good friend Benoit's bar in Handzame. Tonight is the last Belgium gig in Bissegem. We have sold out of all of the t-shirts, old Cd's, and samplers...I think we can consider this trip a huge success. The pic above is from Rome...me at the Coliseum.

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