Happy Birthday Little Brother!!! You're 22 now...I remember the day you were born and when you came home from St. John's hospital in Yonkers. We are so proud of you...and we're sorry we took you to Popeye's in Peekskill last night to celebrate :) On a sad note, I regret to share the news that our dear friend John Madden's father, Joe Madden, passed away last week. Mr. Madden was a musician who helped popularize Irish traditional music in New York decades ago. He was also a master carpenter who could build and/or fix anything. Most importantly, Joe Madden was a dear family member, friend and mentor to so many. His life was celebrated by thousands of mourners earlier this week with an emotional musical tribute throughout the funeral ceremonies. Experiencing this sad yet inspiring tribute, there can be no mistaking how many lives Joe Madden touched during his 70 years on earth. We could all learn a thing or two about loving one another from Mr. Madden. Sincerely, Julie

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