Happy Spring!  I'm so happy it's baseball season (even though April baseball weather is not for me!).  While I can't actually say I'm "back in the studio", I did step into Woody's House and recorded 5 scratch tracks of some new ideas and an old Sam Cooke classic to get the recording blood flowing once again.  I think I'll be back in there with another 7 or 8 tunes this summer.  I just can't focus on one thing!  I want to sit and write, but I've been playing my favorite covers now for so long that the idea of recording some of my favorite all-time songs is also quite appealing.  I have also spear-headed a project that entails covering Bob Dylan's Desire album with a group of my favorite musicians.  I can't do it all simultaneously, but I hate the thought of putting any of these projects off for too long!

I'll keep you posted, Jules

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