Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last night I was absolutely honored to be a part of Matt Turk's rockin' CD Release party band at The Living Room in NYC.  Matt's new CD "American Preservation" is a collection of rock, country and pop covers familiar to millions of Americans.  It's really got a little bit of everything:  from the Beatles, Stones & Pink Floyd, to T. Rex, Jim Croce, and Steve Goodman, this is a CD you can listen to with your entire family.  It showcases the best songs that American and British performers have had to offer over the past 60 or so years.  In other words, it's a CD where no one has to compromise over what different folks in the same room want to listen to.  In addition to song selection, Matt's delivery is also impressive.  Is he a country boy?  A city-slicker?  A suburbanite?  If you didn't know him you couldn't tell since his voice sounds believable whether he's belting "Thank God I'm a country boy!" or "Uptown got its Hustlers, Bowery got its bums..."  What I like most about Matt's new CD is that it celebrates covers, which is what us local working musicians make most of our tips playing.  Sometimes we get down on ourselves and the covers, becoming frustrated when it seems people want to hear the Stones rather than our original music.  But the thing is, the Stones kick-ass!  Their music makes us feel alive.  It needs to be out there.  And people like Matt bring it to us when we can't have the Stones themselves.  "American Preservation" is our reminder that music has always been created to make us feel good.  We are lucky to have folks in our lives who care so much about preserving good music and sharing it with all people.  

See for yourself: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mattturk4  


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