Thursday, December 29, 2005 MANY NEW UPDATES ON JULIECORBALIS.COM!!!!! As promised (phew!) there are some serious updates happening on my site. As of 5 minutes ago there are new PICS and3 NEW TUNES posted! These tunes are demos from the vault. On the last album, we tried to choose songs that featured diversity in songwriting, tempos, melodies and feel. We were left with almost a dozen songs that did not make the cut, and here are the rough takes of 3 of those songs that wound up on the shelf. They may sound familiar since they were in rotation at live gigs for about 3 years. The songs are very special to me because they are some of the first tunes I ever wrote. They are also some of the first that Jules and the Family cut our teeth on getting to know each other musically. Give the old/new tunes a listen and let me know what you think. While there may be little doubt you are listening to a singer and songwriter in her infant stages, as well as a band that's still getting to know one another, I hope you enjoy what you hear. I'm still planning on that acoustic solo album one of these vacations, and some of these tunes will hopefully land among those tracks! THANKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE YEAR! Love, Jules

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