Friday February 9, 2007 Catch Jay Gisser and I promoting the LOME Festival on 88.1 WARY (WCC's radio station) this Thursday, Feb. 15 @ 8:00pm!!! If you are a music fan, a musician, artist, photographer, promoter, family friend, significant other, teacher, lawyer, or phone guy, or any other profession for that matter, you will have a blast at The L.O.M.E Festival (Local Original Music Expose) Saturday, February 17, 2007 @ 7pm. 4 Hudson Valley bands, Jules and the Family, The Soul Tree Villains, Rain of Kings and Crash Box, will be rockin' out all night in an attempt to remind us all why we love live music. Please come and show your support for music in our community!!! ***Get Directions To The Ossining Eagles Club*** The new Jules and the Family disc is now in post production, and we've begun sending it out to New England music festivals for Summer 07 and radio stations. If you know of any great summer venues in the Northeast please pass along the info. As usual, thank you for all of your support! Love what you do, Jules

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