APRIL 22, 2007 New Pics from The Starving Artist are now up!! Happy Earth Day! Hope you had a nice weekend! The Starving Artist Cafe was a lot of fun on Friday night. I got to play some new tunes I've been workin' on, and I was thrilled to be joined by the Starving Artist herself, Monica, for a little "Angel from Montgomery," and then our very own Marc Osborn for the second set of new tunes from the record. We even sold 3 CD's!!! HA! I am proud to say that I have been named the "darling" of the The Starving Artist (they already have a sweetheart...but I don't mind!). Special thanks to Scully, Marci, Brian, Elliott, Monica, Valerie, Hannah, Uncle Bill (Let's Go Mets!), and our new friends Josh, Frank, Cheryl, Denise, and Kim, for making it such a cool night! I spent the beautiful day of Saturday inside doing some school work - I'm building a "WebQuest" on Mesopotamia! Sounds silly, but actually, it's kind of cool. Let me know if any of you teachers wanna check it out when I'm done. Finally, today is rehearsal and I'll be sure to bring my camera and take some pics of us hard at work. OK, enough of this blabbing. Have a great week! Do what you love, Jules

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