Sunday, January 4, 2009 PICS UPDATED FROM LAST NIGHT'S GIG @ CRONIN'S! Good morning from sunny East Harlem! I just had to write this morning and thank everyone for ROCKIN' Cronin & Phelan's last night (and into this morning!). It was so wonderful to hang with MTV Dave, Johnny, Dr. Ron, Mario, Whitney, Mark, Andrei, Teacher Joe and Philly Joe, Russell, Jessica & family, the bartenders Dave and Jack, blast from the past Tim McQ, Kevin, Jen, Damian, Minnesota, Kirby, Debbie and Mrs. Mac, and many others I'm forgetting to mention. I have to especially thank Tadd Kroneck for singing, playing, and saving the day with all the gear I forgot - dude you totally rocked the joint! Collie Mac, Meghan Farrell and Jamie Chaos also lent their immense talent to the show, jammin' the night away, hardcore. In short, the love was out in full force last night. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Ok, now I must spend this day mentally preparing for real Monday life...it's gonna take all day, I'm sure. LOVE JULES

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