November 15, 2006 It has been a busy week at work so far, but I've been laying low in the evenings, trying to catch up on some rest before the Thanksgiving rush. The Murphy's gig in Yorktown was a lot of fun, and something I hope we can do as a full band in the future. Many thanks to the one and only John Madden for setting the whole thing up. I'll be over at Gibney's this Sunday at 6pm. Hope to catch you there! Jules ps. I really hope to see you at Dockside in Mahopac Thanksgiving Weekend! Tickets are $7 and you get a whole night of original music from myself, MARC VON EM, DANA EDELMAN, CHRIS FOLEY, and CASSANDRA FRAKE! Check the calendar for details. Hope all is well! The LINKS have recently been updated...go check them out!

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