Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Hey there! I don't usually update late on a Tuesday night, but it was a busy weekend and the Mets are on the West coast so the game doesn't start 'til 10pm...so here I am, awake, intently watching this game, crossing my fingers for a win! Anyhow, the PICS are updated with some shots from Marc's barbeque on Saturday afternoon and from the absolutely amazing Tommy Emmanuel concert at BB Kings on Sunday evening. Tommy was, of course, a rockstar, but equally impressive was 18 year-old opening act Kieran Murphy! You've got to check out this Australian guitar virtuoso. We were all blown away. The guys and I will be at the Starving Artist this Friday (6/15) with special guest Jorge Caraballo from Rubber Soul! I've been brushing up on my Beatles' tunes just for this occasion. Ok, have a great week, see you soon! Jules

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