7/11/05 Great goings-on of late! It has been a fabulous two weeks! First, we had a blast at Gibney's of Astoria on July 3. CHECK OUT THE UPDATED PICS LINK FOR ALL THE ACTION! Special thanks to Lou on acoustic lead for a few songs, as well as all the guest singers! There were at least 4 teachers in the house as well! It was reassuring that people are taking their Summer seriously. Next, I have to say thanks for dancin' with me (as usual at Gibney's) to Bryan Gordon's incredible 3 sets last night! PLEASE check hin out!! He rocks. Finally: I'll see you on Saturday night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! See the calendar page for details. There's a back patio and a grill if anyone is interested in a picnic. Thanks, Jules ps. The pic above is an oldy but goody with MTV Dave on air guitar at Le Bar Bat from Fall 2003. Thanks Scott Dwyer for the photo! ;)

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