Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007 Well...it has been a tough week for Met fans across New York and beyond. What made it especially tough was hanging out with middle school kids all week and listening to them rub in my face how the Yankees made the playoffs while the Mets made plans for the off-season. I hate to admit it, but I have taken a little pleasure in watching the Yankees-Cleveland series this post season...for reasons obvious to any who follow baseball. On the musical front I have much more positive events to report on! I had the absolute pleasure of playing a solo gig last night at the Marsh Sanctuary for the annual Oktoberfest. Chris and Val, our fantastic hosts, welcomed about 75 friends to their incredibly storied and historic backyard. I got to play in a century-old amphitheatre, complete with Greek columns and stone, terraced horse-shoe seating. No matter how beautiful the setting - and last night was one of the best ever - the gig would have been nothing special without the great crowd of people I met. The KIDS were awesome! A group of little ladies and a gentleman (Caroline, Caitlin, Olivia and Gavin) sat on the audience grass and drew some sketches of me at work up on stage. These drawings are so precious, and so special to me! Go check them out on the PICS page. Second: two more bands besides myself rocked the house last night: Kapow and Batutera. In fact, after meeting the conga player from Batutera, Cruz Jr., just 2 minutes before I took the stage, I invited him to join me for a tune or two. To my delight he joined me for the whole set! It was totally awesome. Finally, thank you SO MUCH to Chris and Val for throwing such a fantastic fundraiser for a beautiful outdoor space that everyone in Westchester needs to see with their own eyes. And of course, thanks Mom and Dad and Scully for joining me on this special night. Ok - go see for yourself, and enjoy the 3 day weekend. Love Jules

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