Recording Journal - I've lost track of what day this is! Recording is still going strong! I laid down vocals for "Without You" on Friday night...The song is a big challenge for me with a couple of pretty high notes, but I nailed it in about 3 hours. I saw Marc last night and he was beaming at Johnny's drumming yesterday afternoon. He says drums for "Without You" and "Show Me Your Face" are down and incredible. As if there was ever any doubt. JL is back from Florida today so I think it will be his turn again this week. While the band has been relentlessly capturing much of this process on video, Scully has been home editing the footage and creating daily DVD's of the whole thing...THANKS SCULLS! You may not play an instrument, but you definitely ROCK! Finally, after all that we went to Henry's on the Hudson last night to see Brian Conigliaro and Gus Wieland, known as "Two Guitars," play some our favorite Beatles, Doobies, and Dave Matthews. I aspire to play acoustic half as good as either one of them. You can see what I mean by checking out Brian's website through the LINKS page. Be good and have fun, Jules

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