Sunday, July 2, 2006 Good morning! I have officially begun my summer vacation! Now the real fun starts. The album is almost finished - we're still a few weeks away from completing all the music parts - and the solo July dates are in place. I'm spending this first full week of "vacation" getting some new and old covers together for the Putnam National Golf Club. I also have to call and see about some GUITAR LESSONS at Putnam Music...so excited! My brother and I are hoping to put some Beatles' tunes together for work on both sides of the Atlantic this summer. Speaking of which, the dates for Belgium are almost all set! In other news, I was so happy to watch the Mets beat the Yankees 8-2 on Saturday after a disappointing weekend in Boston. We'll be there cheering our boys on Wednesday and Thursday this week. OH! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FRIEND AND GUITAR PLAYER EXTRAORDINAIRE JONATHAN LLOYD! It's a big one. We were so happy to spend your b-day with you and The Family (the blood relatives and the band)! Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! Love Jules

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