Sat. Dec. 23, 2006 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope this holiday season finds you and your family healthy and happy. I am making some final Christmas preparations this weekend - I'm starting my shopping this afternoon....I'm a little apprehensive about what the stores are going to be like, but I am not very pro-active in this life department, so I just deal with it. This past week has been very busy! It seemed that every night Scully and I were heading somewhere, meeting friends for food and drink, and talking a lot of music and about what's to come in 2007. Jules and the Family is making some final moves pulling this new album together...meeting with artists about cover art, some copyright permission requests, and mixing/mastering meetings. It is all pretty exciting! I am looking forward to getting together with Johnny, JL and Marky to actually jam these new tunes a bit; and to really learn them so we can put on a kick-ass live show. Last night was extra-special because it was the YHS Class of 1996 Ten Year Reunion!!! Of course there is no photographic documentation of the event - Because who can drink and take pictures at the same time? But I can tell you - and many will vouch - that a great time was had by all. At one point in the night I was having such a good time that I was shocked to look at the clock and read 3AM! I didn't want to leave. Ok, enough babbling for now. Have a wonderful and safe and fun and relaxing couple of days spent with family and friends. Lots of love and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Jules

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