From the recording For Cynthia (practice demo)


For Cynthia

I see these faces and they keep
walking through my door
They say well how you do my friend?
I don’t think I seen you before

Just another night at home
Where the party’s goin’ on next door
Don’t really matter who ain’t callin’

Can someone tell me
What’s the use in makin’ plans
Cause any way you lay those cards
Well it’s just the same old hand

Cause he said that he’d call by 5
And here I am watching time roll by
It don’t really matter who ain’t calling

Now I just sit here by myself
And count the times I should have called someone else
There’s no use waiting, the party’s fading, the new guy’s going home
Just looks like it’s time I left this room and moved on

Before I knew it
It was 20 after 2
I’m sittin’ in my kitchen with this boy I hardly knew
Everytime I look up he’d be one more step towards me
He said, “I know you been waiting for that guy to call me but it just looks like you and me.”