1. Aunt Margaret

From the recording Aunt Margaret


I’m am waiting here tonight
To see if I’ve got to make that trip tomorrow
Cause I just visited last night
And now I know it won’t be long,
I know it won’t be long

You’ve had a good life
A good family, and good countryside
Don’t be scared now, as you prepare to die
Cause we’ll all be here waiting…

You were waiting there tonight
Hoping no one might come to see you this way
You had no use for tubes and pills
All you wanted was your hair brushed,
you wanted was your feet rubbed

And you say, “I might have had a good life,
I know all this, I’m not ready to die.”
All my family is here by my bedside
And they’ll all be here waiting

I might have had a good life
I know all this I’m not ready to die
Don’t be scared now as you prepare to die
Cause we’ll all be here waiting.

Now you’re not waiting anymore
You’ve got a smile on your face
What’s left of your soul
No one knows where you’ve gone
All we know it’s a place
Where you’ll live on and on and on

Now you say, “Things ain’t bad around here.
There goes Momma, and Raymond my dear.
All my family is meeting me here
So don’t be afraid, ‘cause I’m not alone
I’ve got all who’ve passed before me
And now they’re my home.”