1. Melt Away

From the recording Melt Away


Well, it's a hundred degrees in the shade
and it feels like the sun's been up for days
watch the people hurry by
in search of shelter from the sky
in the hopes that they don't melt away

There's not much one can do in this heat
'cept maybe grab your shoes and head to the street
The school kids play by that old red hydrant
they've imagined into a mermaid's fountain
and just hope that they don't melt away

Cuz it's so hard to find
some little things to cool my mind
in this hot New York City night
There must be some dark dive
where I can drink myself into Winter time in this
hot New York City night

The mayor gets on TV
he says we must conserve
the little oil in reserve from underground
But as he sleeps inside his big white castle
with his blankets wrapped and his AC blastin'
I can feel myself melting away


The animals move slowly
and the people follow suit
My flowers are all dying
'cuz there's no water for their roots
I don't know when I turned my head
and Summer turned to Fall