1. Maybe I Said

From the recording Maybe I Said


Maybe I Said
By Jules and the Family

Wake up feeling lonely
Somebody right next to me
Now I don’t want to make him feel unwanted
So I turn right back to sleep

Sleep with one eye open
In case you try to get away
But now I wish that you just gone decided
To get your stuff
And leave today

Maybe I said the most important thing I ever had to say
Is it really possible I’ll spend my life alone?
Long as I keep pushing them away
Maybe I’ll find a good one to help me start my happy home
If he don’t mind my selfish ways

Well I found your note this morning
How you’re tired of compromising all you feel
But honey wait, just have some faith
And give me time to gather strength
I’ll come around and when I do best not be you who’ll hesitate

Chorus: Maybe I said…

I think I found one
Maybe I found one
Maybe I found my happy home