February 2013

Well, hello friends!

I'm sitting by the window on this sunny, wintry day thinking about what might be worthy of an update.  Last year (2012) I began recording a new, original album.  On it I also included some covers of my favorite "local" artists like Bryan Gordon and Pat Kelly (Ellenville and Ireland).  I'm struggling to complete it because I have trouble staying focused on what needs to get done.  There is just so much great music out there to be learned and played that I can't stop my brain from wanting to learn "new" classic songs, play new instruments, and in general try new musical things.  I've been messing around with the open tunings made famous by Joni Mitchell, I bought myself a ukelele for Christmas and booking some new pub gigs that are close to home.  I also traded the Tacoma for a Martin (acoustic guitars) and the Carvin for a Fishman (amps), in attempts to downsize the rig.  I am enjoying all of these new adventures!  But they are all very distracting to the album task that was at hand.  So, rather than stress about an incomplete project, I just shifted the focus away from the new record to being happy with the music I am making.  What's the rush?   

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