Upcoming Performances

  • Feb 1
    The Artist Spot,  Peekskill
  • Feb 7
    Tony & Nick's Italian Kitchen,  Ellenville

Happy Summer! My Farmers' Market Tour is already in full swing. Additionally, I've got a some fun gigs lined up throughout the Hudson Valley with Bryan Gordon as well as a new collaboration with my talented friends and environmental activist buddies greenheart. Click over to the calendar for all the details. I'm feeling lucky and thankful to have so many great friends and family who are so supportive.

Love Jules

Spring is almost upon us and lots of fun stuff going on over here. I just finished up a weekend mini-tour introducing my good buddy Ben Dumm to the wonderful Hudson Valley. Ben hails from Ebensburg, PA and has been entertaining crowds around the country with his guitar slingin' rockabilly swagger for 20 years. I may get out to visit him and my family in PA for their annual Potato Fest in September 2017...


“I’m thrilled to be heading back to Belgium and Denmark and excited to be on the road with Bryan Gordon,” Ms. Corbalis said. “I can’t wait to get out there to see friends and to share my new record.” Jules and Bryan Subway

"These are the genres I keep going back to," said Corbalis, in a recent interview. 

I recently sat in with my good friends Hope Machine when they were featured on WDFH - Westchester's only public radio station (90.3).  It was refreshing to learn of this local treasure! 

Songs in a Bottle, the 2013 release by Yours Truly, is a 9 song collection plucked from my "working musician's" repertoire.  

I'm sitting by the window on this sunny, wintry day thinking about what might be worthy of an update.  

Julie Corbalis will be performing at Lyrics Coffeehouse in Redding, CT on Friday, March 2, 2012 (7:30-10pm).  Jamming two sets of original tunes and select classic covers, Julie will be joined by an all-star band comprised of brother and bass player, Chris Corbalis, John Madden on drums, and Matt Turk on guitar and mandolin.  The band will play tunes from Corbalis’ and Madden’s original albums - Jules & the Family (2005) and Border Radio (2007), as well as tracks from Julie’s solo record Old Flames & New Names (2008) and a few brand new songs from Corbalis’ summer 2012 release.  Also in the rotation will be select tunes from 2011‘s Backwoods Jupiter Presents Bob Dylan’s Desire, a Dylan tribute project that Corbalis and Matt Turk recorded with 10 other Hudson Valley musicians.  The show takes place in the Redding Community Center (37 Lonetown Road).  Admission is $12 / $10 advance, half price for seniors and children under 18.  For tickets 203-938-2551.  For more details visit www.juliecorbalis.com

Oktoberfest was a great success!  Some cash was raised to purchase a lawn mower and some parts for a new compost toilet!  Great job everyone! 

October 9, 2011

Next week is the 7th Annual Oktoberfest at the Marsh Sanctuary in Mt. Kisco, NY!  Live music, food and drink all day in a most beautiful outdoor Hudson Valley setting (pictured above)!  This Oktoberfest is especially cool because it is the 100th anniversary of the Brookside Amphitheatre, the Marsh's own outdoor music space - a stage surrounded by a semi-circle of Greek columns and stone-terraced seating built into the hillside!  Add on top of that peak Fall foliage and why would you choose to be anywhere else???  There is a $20 suggested donation to help fund a new project at the Marsh: a new compostable toilet!!!  No sh*t!  Couldn't resist the pun :D

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene made its way slowly up the East Coast over the weekend.  While our preparedness and good luck left most of us inconvenienced with no power or water for a day or two, our thoughts go out to those families throughout the Tri-State area and beyond who have suffered loss of loved ones or serious damage to their homes.  Scully and I composed a simple slideshow to share some of the shots snapped by our friends to remind everyone that while you may have been lucky (like we were) there are many who have a lot of work to do to get back to normal.  The slideshow (which can be found on the Video page) is set to a tune called "Hurricane," written by John Madden, Jonathan Lloyd, Marc Osborn, and myself, about 5 years ago, and is on our album called Border Radio.  You can download it for free now on the music page.  Please share freely!
August 15, 2011

July 28, 2011

Just back from my European tour!  We had a blast traveling and jamming through Belgium, Germany and Denmark.  A memorable, musical highlight was definitely 4 nights of rock and roll with Pat Kelly at The Irish Pub in Marstal on the Aero Island in Denmark.  Will post some pics soon.  Thanks to everyone who made this tour possible! 
Thanks for all your support!

Last night I caught a re-run of Pete Seegar's 90th birthday party at MSG.  It reminded me that I meant to write a little bit about my experience at this year's Father's Day weekend Clearwater Festival in Croton, NY.  I grew up 1 town away from Croton and for whatever reason I had never been to this informative and fun event - which I think has been going for 30 or so years (basically, my entire life).     

I had the pleasure of managing the "Jam Tent" for a few hours both Saturday and Sunday.  It's a new tent at the festival and its point is to allow one and all to come and sing or play a song with whomever is sitting around in the circle.  It's organic and loose, so my job was to use my middle school classroom management skills to keep the songs rotating around the circle in a subtle and fair way.  I wasn't sure what to expect, and I always lack a little confidence in "jamming" with others.  Of course, 20 minutes into it I relaxed finding there was nothing to worry about.  It was a beautiful sunny day, the folks who came to sing or play or listen were lovely, and everyone behaved (of course)! 

What I loved most about the Jam Tent was that it reinforced to me that everyone has somethng special and creative to offer, and you can never tell what that special something might be just by looking at a person.  Men, women and children came to sing and play in our tent.  Young, old, Latino, White, Black, Asian, short hair, no hair...you get the idea.  A little girl with long brown curly hair and thick framed glasses of about 9 years old curiously walked over with her parents and we asked her if she had any requests.  What do you think she might have said?  Carole King!  The next thing we knew this lovely 4th grader is belting out a Carole King classic and us adults in the circle are all just stunned by her talent and confidence.  She brought the house down!  Later on that day someone mentioned that Clarence Clemons, saxophonist in Springsteen's E Street Band, had just passed away.  The members of the circle did a fun sing along of Thunder Road, helping each other along when someone forgot the bridge chords, or some of the many lyrics.  It was a bonding experience.  I also greatly enjoyed one man who stopped by and played "Rose in Spanish Harlem" on his harmonica and sang the verses in a deep husky voice.  Totally unexpected.  At one point the lovely and talented Maura Kennedy wandered over, sat down and sang a heartwarming duet "Love Hurts" with my friend Rick - right off the cuff!  I'm smiling just remembering how organic both afternoons really were.       

If you  missed the Clearwater Festival this year - go check it out here.  I hope to see you back there next year!    


Happy New Year!!! 

Check out this little article about my latest CD project with Hudson Valley Super Group Backwoods Jupiter.  Thanks to Adam Fischer for writing it!  Our "band" website is www.backwoodsjupiter.com

Sunday, December 5, 2010

 December is filling up with some great shows I am proud to be a part of.  A particular highlight will be opening for Mr. Jeffrey Gaines at the Towne Crier in Pawling on Dec. 18.  Gaines was a staple on the radio during my formative early teenage years, and I am honored to be playing a few songs to open the evening.  Check the calendar for details.

Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010

 Happy Halloween!  Just got back from 3 days of cabin camping with middle school kids up in woodsy Connecticut (I'm a social studies teacher in my Monday-Friday life!).  Thursday was one of the most beautiful weather days I have ever experienced in 32 years of life...about 68 degrees, sunny and blue skies.  That combination is lovely, but that wasn't all.  It's Autumn in CT, and this means that the leaves on the trees have exploded in reds, oranges, yellows, and still a little green.  So, perfect temperature, perfect scenery, and surrounded by positive folks just put me right over the top.  Thanks, everyone, including Mother Nature, for an incredible day.  I'll post a pic when I figure out how to get pics from my phone to this computer :)


Sunday, Sep. 26, 2010

 Now we have entered into my favorite season: Autumn.  Maybe it's because I became a teenager in the early '90's when stealing your dad's flannel and wearing it for a week straight was all the rage (just me?).  I just love the Hudson Valley this time of year. 

Just a little update:  The Desire Project will be released January 5, 2011.  This will be the 35th anniversary of the original recording's release, so we thought it would be fitting to do it then.  Just to recap: some friends and I re-cut Dylan's Desire in 3 sessions throughout August and September.  To say the least:  I'm excited.  We jammed ourselves into the recording studio called Woody's House and took turns singing and playing different instruments.  We recorded it live, which means what you hear on the CD is actually all of us playing together in a room, from start to finish.  This may seem a strange aspect to point out, but musicians don't usually do it this way anymore when recording a CD.  Most record one instrument at a time so if you screw up, you can do it again and again until you get perfect.  Perfection sounds great (this is how I recorded all 3 of my previous albums) but often times in the achievement of perfection, the artist also risks losing the soul of the performance.   And what good is a soul-less performance?  All humans make mistakes, and it's stupid for us as musicians to pretend we don't make them too.  This is one of the details that drew me to the original Desire - there are so many imperfections in the playing and the singing.  It has been said the Emmy Lou Harris disliked the Desire recording because it was riddled with accidents and mistakes.  I really have no idea if this is true or not, but when you listen to the recordings you can see how someone seeking perfection would be turned off by most of these tracks.  I love them because they are alive.  I hope you'll give them a listen and love them too :)

Be good, Jules   

Monday, August 9, 2010


I've been getting this question a lot lately: "So Jules, what is this Desire Project all about?"

The short story:  8 friends and I have decided to re-cut Bob Dylan's 1976 album Desire

The details:  I bought Bob Dylan's album Desire, on vinyl, in 1996, for maybe $1.50.  My friends and I used to drive around Yorktown in an old orange clunker we called the Pumpkin, listening to a mix tape that included Bob Dylan's "Hurricane."  The other songs were just fine (the Kinks, American Pie, Jimmy Buffet), but when Hurricane came around we listened to every single word.  We discussed what this song might be about (this was before you could whip out a your phone and google it!).  We thought it was deep.  We were shocked that a white man could sing the word "nigger" and get away with it.  In short:  we loved Dylan for writing and singing this song.  After high school, when we as friends went our separate ways, I think I found Desire, the album that Hurricane was on, in a second-hand book shop in an aging mall in Mohegan Lake.  But I can't say for sure.  As so often happens with romantic memories, it is hard to separate fact from fiction.  Wherever this record came from, it made its new home on my childhood turn-table, and stayed there for the next ten years.  When I came home from college to visit my family or help out around the house, I would throw it on, now and again, letting the whole album spin numerous times throughout an afternoon.  I moved beyond simply enjoying Hurricane, to appreciating the entire record:  Dylan's wild story-telling, and learning of instruments that were not particularly popular in '90's pop music: the violin, accordian, mandolin, harmonica.  

8 or 9 years ago I started hanging around this bar in Astoria called Gibney's (now Gilbey's).  That Happy Hour crew was a wild bunch - hard workers and hard drinkers.  Since politics and religion are the two topics to steer clear of in Happy Hour situations, I often found myself in more benign music discussions.  We would still argue, but no one felt personally insulted at the end of our passionate conversations.  Dr. Ron, the local dentist, and I, found we both shared a love for Dylan's Desire.  He taught me a little about Dylan's history, The Band, and often suggested tunes for me to cover.  It got to a point where when Ronny and I saw each other, it was just a matter of time before one of us sang to the other random lines from Desire, like "I married Isis on the fifth day of May..." or "One more cup of coffee 'fore I go, to the valley below."  Others in the bar would often overhear us, and soon another Desire conversation would begin!  My friend, Tadd, in particular, was one such patron who also loved the album.  We even hijacked the jukebox a few times and played the thing to death.  The cool thing was - nobody minded!  It just sparked more conversations about what a great album Desire is.  

So last year I finally rescued my old turntable and the record from my childhood bedroom and we set it up in our living room so we could give the old vinyl a spin.  Sure, I downloaded it on itunes and burned it to a CD, but that clean sound doesn't pack the same crackling punch that a record hits you with.  Of course, the skips were all still there and I listened for them as each verse went by.  I also gave some songs that I hadn't previously been very interested in a good, long listen.  Joey, a tune that romanticizes mob life, sprang to life in my imagination (all 11 minutes of it!).  And Sarah.  Oh Sarah - perhaps I couldn't understand this heartbreaker of a waltzing love song at 17 years old the way I can now as a grown woman.  It hit me like a ton of bricks. 

At this time about a year ago, I decided I'd like to learn a couple of these tunes and put them into my set list for upcoming cover gigs.  Tadd and I did just that, but it didn't satisfy me.  I needed more, somehow.  Then, last winter, I was asked to sing harmony vocals for a Pink Floyd tribute project - the band Stanley Maxwell and my friend Johanna Kodlick were going to perform Floyd's Wish You Were Here album in it's entirety for a charity event.  I just thought this was so cool.  What an awesome idea: to learn the whole album and perform it live!  I can't be sure, but this must a piece of what inspired me to wake up one morning and say to myself, "I should just learn all of Desire and perform it live.  That would be sick!"  lol.  I approached Tadd about it, and immediately he was like, "I'm in!"  Gaining confidence that maybe this wasn't such a ridiculous idea, I shopped the idea around to some more musical friends.  Everyone I spoke to (there are now 9 of us in total!) was thrilled by the prospect of making this thing happen.  We finally got together last week and recorded live 4 of the 9 songs on the record.  To be sure, it was a magical night. 

We have a bunch more work ahead of us, recording more in September and doing all the things that go along with a project of this nature.  I'll be sure to keep you posted, and feel free to write and ask me any questions if you're curious.  Here are the wonderful musicians also taking part in this cool project - I'm sure they have their own stories for wanting to do this - feel free to ask them:  Fred Gillen, Jr., Matt Turk, Debbie Tuzman, Scott Urgola, Tadd Kroneck, Curtis Schmidt, Steve Kirkman, Eric Puente.

More soon,

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last night I was absolutely honored to be a part of Matt Turk's rockin' CD Release party band at The Living Room in NYC.  Matt's new CD "American Preservation" is a collection of rock, country and pop covers familiar to millions of Americans.  It's really got a little bit of everything:  from the Beatles, Stones & Pink Floyd, to T. Rex, Jim Croce, and Steve Goodman, this is a CD you can listen to with your entire family.  It showcases the best songs that American and British performers have had to offer over the past 60 or so years.  In other words, it's a CD where no one has to compromise over what different folks in the same room want to listen to.  In addition to song selection, Matt's delivery is also impressive.  Is he a country boy?  A city-slicker?  A suburbanite?  If you didn't know him you couldn't tell since his voice sounds believable whether he's belting "Thank God I'm a country boy!" or "Uptown got its Hustlers, Bowery got its bums..."  What I like most about Matt's new CD is that it celebrates covers, which is what us local working musicians make most of our tips playing.  Sometimes we get down on ourselves and the covers, becoming frustrated when it seems people want to hear the Stones rather than our original music.  But the thing is, the Stones kick-ass!  Their music makes us feel alive.  It needs to be out there.  And people like Matt bring it to us when we can't have the Stones themselves.  "American Preservation" is our reminder that music has always been created to make us feel good.  We are lucky to have folks in our lives who care so much about preserving good music and sharing it with all people.  

See for yourself: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mattturk4  


Hi there!  I would like to share with you this special link:


My former student, Killian Mansfield, passed away from cancer last year.  He was 16 years old.  The Killian Mansfield Foundation is competing for $50,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project.  If they win they will use the money for aromatherapy kits for 10,000 kids.  Please vote every day in the month of May so this awesome idea can become a reality!  Thank you!

Greetings!  Gearing up for a Spring and Summer full of shows.  Two highlights for May are Dylan's Birthday Jam at the Towne Crier on May 23, and Meaghan Farrell's CD Release Party on the 27th.  These are 2 shows I am honored to be a part of, and I hope to see you out there!




Happy Spring!  I'm so happy it's baseball season (even though April baseball weather is not for me!).  While I can't actually say I'm "back in the studio", I did step into Woody's House and recorded 5 scratch tracks of some new ideas and an old Sam Cooke classic to get the recording blood flowing once again.  I think I'll be back in there with another 7 or 8 tunes this summer.  I just can't focus on one thing!  I want to sit and write, but I've been playing my favorite covers now for so long that the idea of recording some of my favorite all-time songs is also quite appealing.  I have also spear-headed a project that entails covering Bob Dylan's Desire album with a group of my favorite musicians.  I can't do it all simultaneously, but I hate the thought of putting any of these projects off for too long!

I'll keep you posted, Jules

Friday, Feb. 12, 2010


Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!  Many of you know that in addition to being a singer/songwriter, I'm also a middle school history teacher (or is that the other way around?)...We study Old Abe every year, and each time around I learn so much more about this complex human being who worked tirelessly to keep our Union together, when many argued (quite articulately, actually) that perhaps we'd be better off as 2 separate nations.  Abe was human, through and through.  Hated by both Northern abolitionists and Southern secessionists alike, his moderate politics didn't please either extremes.  It's kind of crazy that he was elected at all, both times.  I guess I love studying Abe because I continue learning how nobody is perfect, even our heroes, and most people, no matter whether we like them or not, just get up every morning and do the best they can to make another pleasant day a reality.  Life is hard, but we all live it, and we do the best we can.  Abe didn't free the slaves (the 13th Amendment did), and many times he put himself above the Constitution (as all Presidents have done), but he did fight to save a Union that was worth saving.  His actions saved a country that would surely have permanently divided, over issues (states' rights and slavery) that were fixable, if we could just confront them head on, as Lincoln did.  Often times, facing problems makes one unpopular.  Ultimately, however, people grow once problems are faced and dealt with.  The country, made up of people, works the same way.   

Happy Birthday Abe,




Congrats to Scott Urgola on releasing a stellar new CD!  I am loving its rough acoustic sound and aware lyrics...Check Scott out:  www.scotturgola.com 

I have some great things to share with you, like the fact that I bought a guitar and amp earlier this week and even tried it out at Daly's Pub last night and was quite pleased with it.  But these material things matter little in the face of the unimaginable destruction we have witnessed as the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti has unfolded.  Our good friend Jay Gisser has put together a Haiti Relief Benefit concert at Southside in Mahopac on Feb. 6, 2010.  I'll hope you'll join us there.

More soon, Jules

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hope this message finds you well.

Happy Holidays!  When did December and the freezing temperatures here in NYC show up?!?  Scully and I have been keeping warm by heading out to see as much live music as possible.  In addition to seeing awesome local artists at Daly's in Astoria, we saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra TWICE in November, and The Gaslight Anthem last week in Jersey.  I hope you've been getting out there and supporting local music too!

Thanks guys, see ya soon.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hope this message finds you well.
I have been working on some super cool things I would like to share:  First, I've been jamming with the lovely Meaghan Farrell for the past couple of months.  Meaghan has been working with my good friend, Marc Osborn, for the past year, and they have co-written quite a few fantastic tunes.  Imagine a performer who has Janis Joplin's soul, Linda Perry's (4 Non Blondes) singing chops, and Pink's balls.  Only then will you start to get the picture of the likes of Meaghan Farrell.  Plus, she's funny as hell.  Meaghan and I will be dueting here and there in the next few months.  I will certainly keep you posted.  Tonight she'll be joining me at Daly's in Astoria for a short set. 

Second, last night I got together with 3 incredible singers - Johanna Kodlick, Tiffany Feo, and Lindsey Sanchez, to rehearse the entire "Wish You Were Here" album by Pink Floyd.  My talented friend, Johanna, invited us to join her and a fantastic band led by Stanley Maxwell and Jeffrey Howard, a 15 year old guitar virtuoso, to rock some Pink Floyd.  I was never a serious Floyd fan until last night.  I am thrilled to be in such esteemed company and cannot wait to be up on stage in January singing harmonies on this gorgeous album.  More details will follow in the calendar in the coming weeks.

Thanks guys, have an incredible Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.  I'm so thankful for my awesome friends and family!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, my Tacoma Chief acoustic guitar was stolen at 4:30pm, Sunday, Oct. 18, from my truck in the Guitar Center Parking lot on Northern Blvd and 48th street in Astoria, Queens. The serial number is E2195040. A total of $5,000 worth of gear was stolen. It's a long shot to post this, but it's all I got...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

See you next Saturday night, October 3, at the 5th Annual Marsh Sanctuary Oktoberfest in Mt Kisco, NY.  We had a ball at last year's Oktoberfest - though you may remember it as my CD release party for Old Flames & New Names!  Though not a CD release, this year's festival is filled with the Hudson Valley's best music from bands including yours truly, Phineas and the Lonely Leaves, Blue Mozart, and Blue Water.  Bring the kids and stay all night!  Click through the PICS page to see last year's CD release party/Oktoberfest at the wonderful Marsh Sanctuary.  Send me a message for more details!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hi there.  I've been having some trouble lately uploading pics to juliecorbalis.com, so if you want to see some more recent gig pics jump over to myspace.com/juliecorbalismusic or friend me on Facebook.  Hostbaby is working on the problems in the meantime.  I'll be on Catskill Radio all this week doing an interview with Terry Doyle (it runs twice daily)...surf over and check it out:


Well I am back to school and getting back into my regular teaching and music routine.  I am happy to invite you to the Ossining Eagles Club for Friday Happy Hour BBQ's throughout the months of September/October to hear some of the Hudson Valley's best performers.  I'm proud to say I helped book these artists myself and will be getting down to a bunch of the shows.  Check my calendar for directions to the Eagles Club.  Here's the line up:

Sep. 18 Jay Gisser

Sep. 25 Patrick Duffy of "The Cause"

Oct. 2 Julie Corbalis

Oct. 9  Fred Gillen, Jr.

*Recently added Saturday Oct. 10 metal show:  SH*TBOX!*

Oct. 16 Scott Urgola

Oct. 23 Bryan Gordon

These artists are some of my best friends in the biz, and I hope you will come down and support our vibrant local, live music scene.

See ya soon, Jules

Sunday September 6, 2009

Finally back to school! Lots of great kids, lots of great expectations! 

Played the North Haven Fair yesterday. Great time, and great people! I'm still so honored to be able to play music with my favorite musicians (and favorite people!).  Thank you JL, Fred, and Chris! And thanks to everyone who came out to support us, and those who saw us for the first time. Hope to see you all soon!

Pics will be updated soon! Please check back often for updates as things come in fast and often!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Hope this message finds you well!  Not much to report this week, except Marc and I are workin' on a new little acoustic folky tune called "Blue Sky Blues."  We are having fun with it, with the hopes that we can submit it for TV and Film placements by the end of the summer.  I am also eagerly awaiting new albums from Scott Urgola and Bryan Gordon!  The Hudson Valley is just so full of musical talent.  We are lucky to live in such a creative place!

See ya soon,

Sunday, July 12, 2009
The Pleasantville Music Festival was a blast!  Thank you for making it such a special day.  JL, Chris and Fred were incredible and really rocked the house.  My little brother Philip and Scully, and our new friend Eric Puente, made sure the 4 of us didn't lose our minds getting things together stressing over last minute music details.  The sound crew at the Village Stage was the best I've ever worked with - professional AND relaxed and damn good at what they do.  The bands we shared the afternoon with are some of my favorites:  the Ya Ya's and Red Molly!  And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the audience was just as awesome as backstage!  So many friends came out to have some fun at the festival!  I felt so lucky to see Sue, Andrea, Mike and John, Andrea G., Jessie, Barb, Peg, PATTY!, Bob, and more I know I'm forgetting.  At the end of the day we sold a bunch of CD's and even a T-shirt!  Good times.
See you at Waveny Park in August!


See you at the Pleasantville Music Festival Saturday, July 11, 4pm. This year's festival will be headlined by Big Head Todd and the Monsters! I'll be joined by 3 of my favorite musicians: Chris Corbalis on bass, Jonathan Llloyd on lead guitar, and Fred Gillen Jr. on "trash" percussion. If you can't make it out next week, the 4 of us will be playing together again at Waveny Park, CT in August (check the calendar for details).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 Layin' low until June 1st @ LIC Bar. Lovin' the warmer weather, and trying to get some rest! Monday, May 11, 2009 Just got back from Saugerties! What a fantastic time! Gotta sit and update the pics, and write out the thank you notes! More soon! For now, check out some new videos! I have some more cool shows all over New York state coming up in May. I hope you'll join me at them! Click on over to the calendar for all the details.
Saturday, April 11, 2009 Thanks to everyone for making my birthday gig so freakin' special last night!!! Click over to the PICS to check out the fun. Also - check out Bryan Gordon tonight at Aroma Thyme Cafe in Ellenville, NY. He'll be covering "Should've Stayed Away" along with many classic rock covers and his own original (awesome) material. Wish we could be there!!! Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Join me this Friday, 4/10, for my 31st birthday Happy Hour celebration at the Ossining Eagles Club (6-9pm)! I'll be playing some tunes, and some special guests are stopping by :) Check the calendar for details! Lets Go Mets! See ya soon, Jules
Thursday, March 26, 2009 Catch me on White Plains Public Access Friday, March 27, 2009 playing tunes and chatting with Roger Z! 8pm! Check local listings. Sunday, March 22,2009 Just got back from seeing Richard Shindell at The Towne Crier! Wow! He was amazing! And I got to meet him! If you don't know his music, you're missing something special... check him out! Saturday, March 21, 2009 Hi there! Just writing to send a big THANK YOU to the Ossining Eagles! And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eagles Charlie, Gary and Laura! Once again, a great time was had by all. There were a lot of special guests on hand who greatly contributed to the evening's smash success: Tadd Kroneck rocked the house with his Alt-Country-Rock original tunes and some tasteful acoustic lead throughout the evening. Our new friend Storm pleasantly surprised us all by grabbing a guitar to serenade the revelers with some Grateful Dead (Friend of the Devil) and a couple of original tunes. I must admit, however, it was Chris Curry who stole the show once again! Chris rocked the joint for an hour, busting out some Allman Brothers, Beatles, Bowie, and most importantly, some beautiful original songs (not to mention a killer Brown Eyed Girl to culminate an excellent evening). Myself and the Eagles were quite fortunate to have such immense talent stop by to help jump start the weekend! PICS will be upated this afternoon. Have a good one! Jules PS: Check out "Without You," a JATF track from our second album BORDER RADIO, on Japan-based internet radio all this week: www.gonefishingforblueskies.com
Saturday, March 14, 2009 PICS from the March Desmond's show, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Gaffney's of Saratoga, and a stop at The Ossining Eagles Club have been UPDATED! Click on over!
Saturday, March 7, 2009 SCHEDULE CHANGE: The Gaffney's show scheduled for March 19 has been moved up to March 12 (this Thursday!). Please make a note! Thanks, Jules Hey check out the February 2009 Westchester Community College Alumni Newsletter! There's a little feature that talks about my new CD and 2 wonderful years spent at WCC. Over on the PRESS page...In other news, Desmond's was fun last night! Unfortunately, my upcoming April and May shows there had to be cancelled. Looking forward to playing with Erica Russo at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe this Wed. March 11 @ 7pm!
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Hope this Homepage finds you well! Maybe it's because I'm reading the biography of union leader Al Shanker, but regardless, it occurred to me today that you might be interested in knowing that there is a New York City UFT Teacher rally on Thursday, March 5, 4-6pm, in downtown Manhattan. There have been talks of 15,000 NYC teacher layoffs...an unfathomable number considering how overcrowded many classrooms are, and have been allowed to become. Undoubtedly, our system has many problems, but there must be better ways to approach solving these issues than by firing so many dedicated professionals. Hopefully we'll see you there! PICS are updated from last week's Desmond's gig...GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Join me this Friday, 2/06, for our monthly Desmond's shindig. I'll be joined at 9 and 10pm by Johanna and Two Guitars! In other news, wrote a new song this week and recorded some backing vocals for a gorgeous country ballad by my talented friend, Bryan Gordon. I'm also trying to learn some harmony vocals to work on projects with Scott Urgola, Tadd Kroneck, and Naya Tabia...I have a new found love of learning to sing harmony. It kind of takes the pressure off me to actually write a good song. Instead, I'm just invited to sing a bit on a song that is already written and great! I'll keep you posted.
Monday, January 19, 2009 THANKS SO MUCH FOR COMING OUT IN THE SNOW TO THE BITTER END LAST NIGHT! I GOT INVITED BACK BECAUSE OF YOU!!! Happy MLK Jr. Day, and happy Inauguration Day tomorrow - quite a busy week!
Sunday, January 18, 2009 See you tonight at The Bitter End @ 7pm. If you can't make it just click over to www.bitterend.com and watch the live webcast!!! How cool is that?!
Sunday, January 4, 2009 PICS UPDATED FROM LAST NIGHT'S GIG @ CRONIN'S! Good morning from sunny East Harlem! I just had to write this morning and thank everyone for ROCKIN' Cronin & Phelan's last night (and into this morning!). It was so wonderful to hang with MTV Dave, Johnny, Dr. Ron, Mario, Whitney, Mark, Andrei, Teacher Joe and Philly Joe, Russell, Jessica & family, the bartenders Dave and Jack, blast from the past Tim McQ, Kevin, Jen, Damian, Minnesota, Kirby, Debbie and Mrs. Mac, and many others I'm forgetting to mention. I have to especially thank Tadd Kroneck for singing, playing, and saving the day with all the gear I forgot - dude you totally rocked the joint! Collie Mac, Meghan Farrell and Jamie Chaos also lent their immense talent to the show, jammin' the night away, hardcore. In short, the love was out in full force last night. I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Ok, now I must spend this day mentally preparing for real Monday life...it's gonna take all day, I'm sure. LOVE JULES
Wedesday, 24, 2008 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I hope you will join me on Sunday, Dec. 28, @ 7pm at The Towne Crier on Rt. 22 in Pawling, NY. This show is a special, songwriter-in-the-round evening with Susan Kane and Beth Metzler. I'll be playing some new tunes from "Old Flames" as well as a couple of new arrangements of some older JATF classics. In other words, there will be something for everyone. Tickets are $10 - you can get them in advance at www.townecrier.com. Please pass the word along! Thanks! Sincerely, Julie
Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2008 If you live in the Westchester area please tune in to 107.1 THE PEAK Wed. 12/3 from 11PM-12AM. DJ Chris Bro will be spinning my new tune "Johnny & June"!!!!! How cool is that?! If you can't stay awake 'til then, the show will be replayed on Sunday, Dec. 7 from 8-9PM. If you don't get 107.1 on the radio just stream it: http://nextmusiconline.com/8.html SO EXCITED!!!! Jules
Happy Birthday Little Brother!!! You're 22 now...I remember the day you were born and when you came home from St. John's hospital in Yonkers. We are so proud of you...and we're sorry we took you to Popeye's in Peekskill last night to celebrate :) On a sad note, I regret to share the news that our dear friend John Madden's father, Joe Madden, passed away last week. Mr. Madden was a musician who helped popularize Irish traditional music in New York decades ago. He was also a master carpenter who could build and/or fix anything. Most importantly, Joe Madden was a dear family member, friend and mentor to so many. His life was celebrated by thousands of mourners earlier this week with an emotional musical tribute throughout the funeral ceremonies. Experiencing this sad yet inspiring tribute, there can be no mistaking how many lives Joe Madden touched during his 70 years on earth. We could all learn a thing or two about loving one another from Mr. Madden. Sincerely, Julie
Friday, Nov. 7, 2008 Old Flames & New Names is available from CD Baby!! and iTunes!! Lots of new PICS from the CD Release party have recently been added - go check them out! Thank you, Milka, Val, and Joe for sending them over! Be sure to also check out my new BIO and some new LINKS. I'm going to scan that NCN article in over the weekend and put that in the PRESS section. Finally, pick up the November issue of More Sugar, Northern Westchester's premiere music newspaper, and check out my ad for "Old Flames & New Names." We have been doing our darndest to get this new record out there into the world as much as possible. I'm actually looking for people to review the new CD, so if you are interested in writing a review, or know someone who would be, please pass along the info! Greatly appreciated. Ok, more soon! You rock, Jules THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR MAKING MY CD RELEASE PARTY SUCH A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Click HERE to see updated pics from the CD release party at the Marsh Sanctuary!
Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 I finally made the big time! I was in last week's North County News...and it wasn't the "Police Blotter", this time!! THANK YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR MAKING MY CD RELEASE PARTY SUCH A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! I was so in over my head I didn't take a single picture! But that's ok, because some special friends were walking around snapping photos...I'm gonna get in touch with them and have 'em send me over a few of the best ones. Check back soon for updates!
Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008 Important Info Regarding My CD Release Party this Saturday! Hi there! I am SO EXCITED for this Saturday's CD release party! I am writing to make sure everyone has all the info they need: 1. $15 per adult. Kids under 12 are FREE. The money pays for all the food and drink you can consume (alcohol for +21 crowd included!), donation to the Marsh Sanctuary for the facilities, and my new CD. 2. PLEASE DRESS WARMLY! We'll have the BBQ and campfires going, but let's face it: it's October and when the sun goes down it will be chilly. Sweatshirts and a blanket are highly recommended. 3. You may camp overnight for free!!! Bring a tent and sleeping bags. I have spoken to some people who need to borrow one of my tents - totally cool. If you need a tent shoot me an e-mail so we can make sure you are covered. Get up there in daylight so you can set up your tent - trust me, much easier :). 4. Directions: Firstly: CARPOOL IF YOU CAN! The parking lot is a 10 min. walk thru the woods (on a beautiful, clearly marked trail!) from the amphitheatre and general party area. Of course, if you are a senior citizen, pregnant, or for any reason other than sheer laziness, we'll make sure you can park at the party site, rather than the back parking lot. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE IF YOU NEED SPECIAL PARKING! You can of course, pull up in front, drop off all your people and camping cargo, and then drive around to Sarles Street and park for the evening. Driving directions fom the Triboro: Triboro Bridge to I-87 North (Major Deegan Exprwy) I-87 (Deegan) becomes NYS Thruway Thruway to Exit 4 (Cross County Parkway East) Take Cross County to Hutchinson River Pkwy North (left exit) take Hutch North to I-684 North (left exit) I-684 North to Exit 4 (Mt Kisco/ Rt 172) Make left at end of ramp onto Rt 172 Follow rt 172 for 1.4 miles (IF YOU HAVE PEOPLE AND STUFF TO DROP OFF BEFORE PARKING, DRIVE RIGHT PAST SARLES STREET AND PROCEED A FEW HUNDRED YARDS TO THE FIRST DRIVEWAY ON YOUR LEFT - THIS IS WHERE THE PARTY IS. DROP YOUR STUFF, THEN PULL A U-TURN AND GO BACK TO SARLES STREET TO FOLLOW PARKING DIRECTIONS) Make a left onto Sarles St. Follow Sarles St. for 0.3 miles You will see the entrance for The Marsh Sanctuary on your right. If you plan on taking the Whitestone bridge, cross that bridge, stay to the left and get on the Hutchinson Pkway North and then follow directions above. If you live in Westchester, follow above directions from 684. If you want to cross reference directions: http://marshsanctuary.googlepages.com/directionstothemarshsanctuary If you plan on taking MetroNorth: take the Harlem Line to Mt. Kisco. Call me in advance! I'll come pick you up. The Marsh is only a 5 minute drive away. Here is the schedule for the evening: 4pm: Gillen & Turk 5:30: Jay Gisser 7:00: Bryan Gordon Band 8:15: Jules & Friends 10: Dovetail Ok, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, so just get in touch with me for more info. Can't wait to see you there! Sincerely, Jules
Good afternoon! What a nice, lazy afternoon - for a change! Currently I am lounging on my couch, hangin' with one of our best buds from Belgium: Benoit!!! Yes, that's right! Benoit, and another new friend, Gill, have finally come to visit the Big Apple! Scully and I met Benoit about 4 years ago on our first trip to Belgium. Now he is one of the main reasons we seem to go back every year :). Tonight we are taking Benoit and Gill up to the Sunset House in Peekskill to check out Jay Gisser and The Soul Tree Villains. It will be an awesome night - maybe we'll see you there?!
Saturday, September 20, 2008 Good morning! I hope this weekend finds you well rested. I got to sleep a little late this morning, which I am very thankful for. The CD is off to Discmakers and will be arriving in 6 boxes the second week of October. I am thrilled. THANK YOU for so much, Scully, the man in charge who has been overseeing the post production progress. This thing would never have come together without you. I also want to say THANKS SO MUCH to Carl Saff and Fred Gillen Jr, two great men who worked on putting all the pieces together. I have recently had the pleasure of working with a couple of talented musicians on some budding side projects that I'll keep you posted on. Collie and I are going to explore the bongos/acoustic thing. We had such a blast at Teacher Joe's photo exhibition that we've decided to play some shows together. Bryan Gordon and I have also started writing a new tune together! Hopefully we'll have something to unveil at the CD Release Party on Oct. 18. Finally, Sculls and I hung out with Tadd and Milka last night and did some jammin' while watching the Mets beat the Braves. Tadd and I took turns playing some different progressions and sharing ideas for future collaborations. Plus, the Astoria Casserole that Milka made was out of this world!!! Overall it was an awesome evening! Ok, I need to go buy coffee and sugar. Talk to you soon. Jules We have recently confirmed that my CD release party for "Old Flames & New Names" will be held on Sat. October 18, 2008, in Mt. Kisco, NY, at The Marsh Sanctuary. This is a very special day and I hope you can join me to celebrate! In addition to my set, the afternoon will be filled with music played by my favorite artists including Fred Gillen Jr. and Jay Gisser. I will post more details as they are nailed down.
Monday, September 8, 2008 Pics have been UPDATED from yesterday's show at The Norwalk Oyster Festival! BIG THANK YOU to Fred Gillen, Jr., Chris Corbalis, and Jonathan Lloyd for coming together on short notice to put together one rockin' acoustic band. We played 7 of the tunes from my forthcoming disc, as well as 2 of my favorites from Fred's catalogue: "Sing, Sing" and "Devil's Bluff." Once again, we were surrounded by our friends and family: Mom, Dad, Philip, Veronica, Scully, Dee, Noah, Frank, and so many others I'm forgetting at the moment. These shows just keep getting better! I am definitely "feelin' the love" these days. I also need to mention here for you to please check out my good friend, Joe Rufrano's, photography exhibit in lovely Long Island City. His PICS are hanging at the Art-o-mat, a super cool artist spot on Vernon Blvd in Queens, NY. You can find it thru my LINKS. I had the absolute pleasure of playing a few tunes with the talented Colin McCarthy at Joe's opening. What a blast. Following the gallery, we all adjourned to the infamous McLoughlin's in Astoria, where were set up shop once again for an impromptu set of classic covers and bar room favorites. It was a long night, but one of the most fun in recent recollection. Finally, on another amazing note, I need to say "THANK YOU" to all of my Japanese family!!! It is only the 2nd week of September, but there have already been over 2,000 hits on juliecorbalis.com from Japan alone...WOW! Unbelievable. As if that wasn't crazy enough, for some reason CANADA is a close second in hits this month so far... GO CANADA! We love and miss you! Nothing would make me happier than to split my time between touring Canada and Japan...hmmm...that could be a plan! :) I'll have to discuss it with Sculls and get back to you. Have a great week, Jules
In other news, I hope this message finds you well! Today was my 2nd back at school with the students...it has been going well! I am excited to teach another year of U.S. History and Ancient Civilizations to middle school students. I was a little stressed as the school year approached, however, once that first group came through my classroom door, I knew everything would be ok. I have a lovely group! I am also happy to report that we'll be continuing our award-winning recycling program this year! We are very proud that our school had the best recycling program in the whole city last year!!! More soon, Julie
Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008 Good afternoon! Getting ready for the release of my new solo CD! If you would like info on Jules and the Family, please check out www.myspace.com/julesandthefamily. Thanks! PICS FROM AUGUST EVENTS UPDATED! Well. There are so many events to update you on! After the wonderful Redding gig, Jules and the Family had an equally triumphant show in lovely New Canaan, CT. The setting was spectacular, and once again, the people were great. We even got to hang with the one and only Tracey Kroll, our friend and photographer who helped us get started promoting our most recent record about 2 years ago (check out his work on the back and inside band shots of Border Radio!). We also met and hung with Olivia, Tracey's daughter, an aspiring guitarrist and nationally recognized swimmer (move over Michael Phelps!!). For me, the best part of the night was talking with little Annabelle, a new young fan who wrote us an amazing letter, detailing how much she enjoyed the show. We were thrilled to meet you, Annabelle, and a response will arrive shortly. Following New Canaan I played two solo shows on City Island, The Bronx, and in Hartsdale, Westchester. I have been lucky lately, getting to play shows where I can play all my new songs to audiences that are very interested and listen to both music and lyrics. These two shows have really given me a boost of confidence about the new record, which I am eagerly awaiting to share with you. JL joined me on Friday at The Starving Artist - and man was he "on" that night! I really, really love listening to JL play his acoustic...I just can't figure out for myself how to get that gorgeous sound out of my own guitar! The Starving Artist was especially great because JL played one of my all-time favorite pieces that he wrote called "Charlotte's Song." It's an instrumental that stops you in your tracks. You just want to hear it again and again. I loved it so much years ago that I learned how to play it, so I could do just that - listen to it over and over. A little known fact about JL is that he also wrote the music for our tune "Spinning." Many people approach me to say that is their favorite track on Border Radio. JL is immensely talented, and, I think, often overlooked as a songwriter. I am so glad he got to shine on Friday night! As you can tell from the updated PICS, there are many more stories that have to be told from August. I'm gonna gather my thoughts and update again at the end of the week. Right now I have to do some planning for the school year - BACK TO SCHOOL on Thursday!!! (Teachers only).
Hope you had a nice weekend! Just wanted to check in and say THANKS for a great show last night on the Redding Town Green in Connecticut. It was a LOVELY evening, and that includes the music and the weather! We met a bunch of great folks & awesome kids. Special thanks to Frank, our "fixer", Rob and the gang at Redding Parks and Rec, the Redding Girl Scouts for feeding us all, and to the Redding Pilot, the newspaper that co-sponsored the event. I'd also like to say thanks to our families and good friends, Mom, Dad, Dinese, Eileen, Tara, Shannon, Veronica, Scully, Angelo, & Sherry and the girls, for supporting us show after show. It is wonderful to look out there and see so many familiar (and smiling!) faces. Finally, CONGRATS to Johnny and Lisa Madden on the birth of the second child, Annie Rose. She's healthy and gorgeous! See you Wednesday night in New Canaan, and then Friday at The Starving Artist on City Island in the Bronx!
Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008 Hi there, Another weekend, another KOA, another incredible gig. Last Saturday night Sculls and I drove up to Franklin, NY, for the 2nd annual Kampertainment evening hosted by yours truly. I'm not sure where to even start. Kath and Mike greeted us in the shop with smiles and a positive attitude. We talked Olympics, of course! Turns out Kath's brother is in China as a coach of one of the American track stars: Lopez. Lopez was one of the "Lost Boys" of Sudan, having been kidnapped at 6 years old and then having escaped, placed in an orphanage, and eventually sent to the US. His story brings tears to my eyes, tears of joy and sorrow, even now just thinking about his incredible journey. It's just unimaginable to think that people live these experiences throughout the world. After the introductions we got right down to business setting up for the show. Two beautiful little girls, Emma and Haley, instantly took a shine to Scully and I, offering their services as roadies. At around 7 and 5 years old, they were adorable doing mic checks, setting up the music stand, and tuning the guitar. The show went well from that point on. A small groups of girls, all between 6 and 11 years old, kept us entertained in the early hours, getting up to sing Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana tunes. I joined in where I could. They were so cute!!! The kampers were interested in both original and cover tunes, and we had a lovely evening under the stars. Just as it was getting dark and nearing my bedtime, I spotted a couple of teenagers sitting down in front that I guessed were into music. One fine young gentleman, Cory, took the bait and got up to sing and play a few tunes, and man, was he awesome! Cory played a fine rendition of Pearl Jam's "Better Man" and we even dueted on Damien Rice's "Volcano". A second fellow, Braiden, appeared from the darkness just outside the tent, and he equally floored us with some fancy fretwork, covering a Canuck with the surname Ross. (His first name escapes me at the moment). Then, just when it seemed the night couldn't get any better, Mike, chief at the KOA, leaned in to Sculls and I and informed us that Braiden, was, in fact, a fiddle player and had one in his car! Well...Braiden was not going to get out of this one. He must not have realized what the "Julie Corbalis" gig is all about - if you can play, you WILL play! Braiden ran for the fiddle and returned to play an unbelievably gorgeous tune (one of my favorites!) called "Ashoken Farewell." This is a fiddle tune that was written for the Civil War PBS series a few years back. It stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. It was the perfect end to a spectacular evening. Once again, thank you so much to the folks and families at the Franklin, KOA. We really felt like part of the family. Jules
Sunday, August 3, 2008 Good morning! I have gotten over my jetlag and now we're back on the road. Sculls and I headed up to the KOA Cooperstown in Upstate New York on Friday afternoon. I had a fun gig and met some great people, including the 2 Mikes, Colin, Richie and Patty, the owner of this KOA. Imagine our delight when we discovered that not only was this the Baseball Hall of Fame town, but also the home to various Belgian beer festivals! What luck! The Mikes were hysterical, showing up to the show in their monk robes - they brought the appropriate apparel for a beer festival! And Colin was the quiet good sport who made sure no one got hurt. And Richie was awesome too - a teacher and Cubs fan from Arkansas travelling with his father to see the Hall of Fame and some more of America on the way. It was wonderful to be immediately welcomed in a far away town...once again it was baseball that saved our day. We can always talk baseball with new folks when we don't really know what else to say. Finally, a big thanks to Patty for putting us up (and putting up with us!). We'll be sure to visit and get to that Hall of Fame next time around. We woke up at 5AM in Cooperstown and hopped in the car to get back down to Hartsdale, in Westchester, NY. Grey skies loomed overhead, but I am happy to report that we actually got some sun and got the whole gig in before the heavens opened up and swallowed the Tri-State Area for the rest of the afternoon. Here, once again, we met the wonderful Lee, the man who oversaw the music at this farmers' market. Lee videotaped a couple of tunes at the market and should have them up on YouTube shortly. I will let you know when that is all set. Now we are settling in for a quiet week before heading back upstate to Franklin NY, near Oneonta, for another fun evening at the KOA. If you are into camping, I highly recommend joining us! Thanks! Have a great week, Jules
Monday, July 21, 2008 Good morning from New York City! It is 4:24 AM and I can't sleep. I guess I'm having a little trouble getting back into the routine after 3 weeks away in the awesome country of JAPAN! I returned to America on Saturday afternoon with a mind full of memories and camera full of the accompanying pics. I don't know where to begin - Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya, and Hiroshima were all incredibly beautiful, bustling cities. Each one deserves its own paragraph, and maybe in the next few days, if I'm up at 4AM again, I'll write a little something in more detail. As far as the highlights go, let me start with this one: our group met the wonderful Mr. Sasaki-san in Hiroshima. Sasaki-san is the brother of Sadako, the 12-year-old young lady who folded over 1,000 paper cranes in 1955, whose only wish was to recover from the leukemia she was diagnosed with following the dropping of the atomic bomb in 1945. Sadako passed away in 1955, but Sasaki-san has kept her memory and message for peace alive. He is an extraordinary man, and I am so thrilled we got the chance to sit and talk with him. Maybe I can't sleep because I have so many amazing memories like this one floating around inside my mind. I've written 2 more little entries on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/juliecorbalis). Go check them out if you can't sleep either :) Have a great week! I'll add some more pics and stories over the next few days. Thank you to all my new friends in Japan! I cannot wait to come back and visit, and pick up where we left off getting to know each other and truly making all of our lives so much better. Jules
Sunday, Jun 22, 2008 Hope this homepage finds you well! Things have been pretty great around here, however I am finding the limits to which I can stretch myself and still get things done. I've been double booking like crazy lately, and it is finally getting to the ones I love. I'm sorry! It's getting to me, too. I'm not making excuses, but here's what's been going on: #1) I'm leaving for JAPAN a week from today. I'll be on a teacher study tour throughout the country, visiting cities including Tokyo, Nagoya, and Hiroshima. Since March I've been in Japanese history and language classes many weekends. I have already met a bunch of wonderful people and I can tell the trip will be one of a lifetime. I will be keeping an updated blog with photos while there, so please check back often and write to say "Konnichiwa!" #2) I am finishing my solo record THIS WEEK! I've got 3 sessions scheduled with Fred to clean up some odds and ends, overdub some tambo and shakers, and then it's over. Wow. I'm really happy with the organic sound the songs have grown into. For me, and hopefully for you too, these babies are a nice bunch of old and new tunes. Most of the old ones have gotten facelifts, too, which is awesome because they all needed that little something that kept them off of previous records. #3) Teaching ends this week! And while I am sad to see some of my 8th graders go on to bigger and better things, it is definitely time to move on :). This school year has been a life changing experience for me, in terms of recycling. I have learned more about the earth and our environment than ever before, and I'm loving it. We bought my folks a compost bin for their anniversary (how romantic!), and while mom was a little skeptical she pointed out that her grandmother ("gramma on the farm") used to compost naturally, putting old veggie scraps and what not back in the soil of the garden. Who knew gramma on the farm was so hip to saving the environment? :) So yeah, these things and others have kept me hoppin' more than usual throughout the Spring. I'll be glad once I'm in Japan to be forced to just concentrate on the sights and sounds of Nihon...and who knows? maybe a "Japan Song" will be inspired, much like my experiences in Greece and Belgium! OH! And two more things: the pic above is a part of the new album. Thank you SO MUCH to Amber and Juice Imagery for making me look good!!! And, check out 2 new videos of Fred and I from the Old Iron Spring Festival on the Music/Video page. Keep in touch! Love Jules

Saturday, Jun 7, 2008 Hello!!! Just want to quickly say THANK YOU SO MUCH to our wonderful hosts at the Old Iron Spring Festival. Fred Gillen, Jr. and I played a very fun set of some of my tunes, some from Fred, and a couple from Woody Guthrie! It was a gorgeous day, and it was so awesome to see so many familiar faces - Andy, Dan, Natalie and the gang, and Ann Marie! We videotaped the show and I am hoping to post a video or two from the afternoon before the weekend is out. More soon!!!
Monday May 12, 2008 It's been while since we updated, but only because things are going so well!!! All of the shows have been a fantastic success, Pat is making great progress in the studio, and we are enjoying the last few days our friend will be in the U.S. We'll be sure to write up a long summary of this crazy month sometime in the near future.... Check out the updated PICS from all the shows! Border Radio is available from CD Baby!! and iTunes
Thursday May 1, 2008 So, a few more great shows this past weekend! We'd like to thank everyone who came out to The Peekskill Coffee House on Friday, and those of you who came to the show on Saturday at Murphy's! What a great turnout at both places! We had such a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you all again! As I write this,our friend Pat Kelly is up at Woody's House Studio with Fred Gillen Jr. laying down the foundations for his new studio album. Everything seems to be going just as planned. I can't help but think that some incredible music will be coming out of these sessions! Don't forget that tonight will be Julie Corbalis, Pat Kelly, and Andy Mullen at Desmonds!! - (and that's just the beginning of another full weekend of shows!) Check out the CALENDAR for all the details! We'll try to keep everything updated as time permits. Hope to see you all at the shows!
Monday April 21,2008 Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to the shows this weekend!! We are having a great time playing music and just hanging out with our great friend Pat Kelly! You have all made it a very friendly and welcoming experience for Pat, and we can't wait to see you at future shows. More later...
It has been a lazy weekend! A very welcome change to the last few weeks. The PICS are updated from last weekend's gig at Sunset House: Kerri, Stacey, Liz, and Jeff's B-Day Bash! I thoroughly enjoyed this acoustic set...JL is really something special on his acoustic guitar. He is too modest to agree with me, however, I just love it when he plays acoustic lead. And, as usual, Chris Corbalis rocked the house on acoustic bass. I wasn't sure we could fully rock out "unplugged" but we did just fine, and even sold 5 cd's in a town where I was sure we had given everyone a free disc long ago.
Saturday, March 15, 2008 Some of the Pics from Desmond's, and from Swig, have been updated! We're still waiting for more, so if you have some send them over! Don't forget tonight we will be playing at Sunset House in Peekskill! Check out the calendar for details. It's been a long and crazy week, so we will update more later.
Saturday, March 8, 2008 SEE YOU TONIGHT AT DESMONDS! 28TH AND PARK, MANHATTAN, 9PM! Friday, February 29, 2008 We're finally back in the U.S.! Sorry it's taken so long to update, but things get crazy. Just a quick note until we can pull it all together... We had an amazing time in Belgium!! A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our friends (new and old) who made this trip not only possible, but one we will never forget. Benoit, you are a true friend. Can't say enough... See you in August! (hopefully) Pat Kelly, you are the BEST!! Hope we can provide the hospitality and friendship that you continue to show us! All of you in Belgium... thanks. OK more later. Check out the updated PICS !!! I recently updated the CALENDAR and cleaned up the LINKS, so go check them out!
Wed. Feb. 20, 2008 HELLO FROM BELGIUM! So much to say, I'm not sure even how to begin! Scully, Chris, Brad and I flew out of JFK Friday at 8pm, getting into Brussels Airport Saturday morning. Belgium is 6 hours ahead of NY, so while we felt like it was the middle of the night, we entered the Belgian world at about 10am. Hands filled with suitcases and guitars, we got thru the airport and took two trains to get to Mr. Pat Kelly in Antwerp. AH, back in Europe, running thru airports and train stations with bags and instruments...we haven't quite figured out the relaxing vacation itinerary! Anyway, we found Pat in front of Kelly's Pub at just about 1pm - right where we left him a year and a half ago! We grabbed Pat and hopped a cab back to his place to drop the bags and grab some grub.... I'll be back later....gonna eat some dinner. Love Jules
Wed. Feb. 6, 2008 Check out the calendar for this weekend's gigs in Putnam and Astoria! Hope all is well! I can't believe I haven't updated this thing in a few weeks...every night is so busy! All of a sudden the Spring is filled up with gigs, both in NY and abroad. With the help of Fred Gillen and many other dear friends, I have been able to put together a 4 song sampler of new tunes for the Belgian tour tunes that will appear on my solo record in just about 2 months from now...I think. I keep trying to remind myself to keep things simple, live, real. The problem is that the studio just opens up so many opportunities that it really becomes hard to just sit there and do just one guitar and one vocal track. It is so easy to get carried away. Thoughts of keeping it simple reminded me that we just bought the new Sheryl Crow album, Detours, and so far what I've heard is really beautiful: raw, real sounding, one-take vocals and an acoustic to round it out...And real lyrics!!! God, it was so refreshing to hear that girl sing about real shit once again! It's like she's come to a point where she's realized that she doesn't need the endorsement blood money, and just sings from the heart...really from the gut this time around. Awesome. Finally, Scully and I have also had the pleasure of catching some GREAT live music over the past few weekends - the PICS of which will be posted tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I've got jury duty - for the first time ever - tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.
Friday, Jan. 18, 2008 Did you miss the WHUD radio interview?? Don't worry! It's finally up on the MUSIC PAGE!! HOW COOL IS THAT!? Those of us who have grown up in the lower Hudson Valley are very familiar with WHUD: not only is it THE station of choice for doctors' offices and waiting rooms throughout the tri-state area, but it was, and still is, the station to tune in to to find out if our schools were on 2 hour delays or closed because of a snowstorm!!! Ah, good memories! Tell your friends to tune in!!! Plus, I recently updated the CALENDAR and cleaned up the LINKS, so go check them out! We are quickly preparing for Belgium '08!
Saturday, January 5, 2008 PICS FROM THE STUDIO UPDATED TODAY! Lyric of the week: "Come pick me up Take me out F**k me up Steal my records Screw all my friends They're all full of sh*t With a smile on your face And then do it again" -Ryan Adams HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your new year so far. Scully and I rang in the new year with Elvis Costello at the House of Blues in Atlantic City...of course, HE FREAKIN' ROCKED!!! And the best part about it was we got to sit right up front - no one standing in my way! You know I'm short, and this tends to be a problem at every show we attend, so this small victory made the show even better! Elvis put on a really rockin' show, and of course, the one time we try to follow the rules and not bring a camera, security could care less as people snap photos throughout the show! I was so bummed. In other news, we have begun the countdown to Belgium 2008! We'll be joined by Chris and Brad, and Pat has set us up some gigs in Antwerp and possibly Brugges...good times. I've also started to set up gigs for the return of Pat kelly to America in April/May, 2008. If you can recommend any cool venues please e-mail me. Alrighty, it looks like a beautiful day outside (albeit, chilly), so let me take a look around and see what's happenin' outside my window. Have a good weekend, Jules
Monday, December 24, 2007 Good morning and Happy Holidays! I finally started and finished my Christmas shopping yesterday! It has been a busy but awesome month. We started off December by driving to Philly to catch the one and only Stephen Lynch - a singing comedian. I highly recommend checking out his MySpace and catching a live show...all I can say is that he is one funny dude, especially for those of us with an off-color sense of humor. Last week Sculls and I went to an Anthony Bourdain book signing down in TriBeCa, where we got to meet one of our favorite pseudo-celebrities. We love his show on the Travel Channel "No Reservations". He was as honest and blunt as he is on TV, and that made us very happy. We are rounding out the month in Atlantic City on New Year's Eve to see Elvis Costello and the Imposters! The tickets say "no cameras" but we'll see if we can sneak one in. I am really looking forward to that show. "How's the new album going, Jules?" my mom has been asking lately. I have good news to report on that front as well. Jay Gisser and John Madden came down to the studio on Saturday afternoon to do some work on the tunes "Broadway" and "Jersey City." All I can say is they totally rocked. Fred also jumped into the recording room to throw down one great take of harmonica for JC. It was awesome. Ok, have a great holiday, and keep in touch! Jules
Thursday, December 6, 2007 Hope all is well. Very busy these days recording like crazy (thank you Debbie, Johnny, Brett, Bryan, Matt and Fred!) and trying to get all my Christmas shopping done. Some good news: Jules and the Family's tune Practical Others was named one of Indie-Music's Top 25 MP3's of the Year for 2007! Check out www.indie-music.com for more info. I am also happy to announce that Jules and the Family is on the airwaves in Japan! Thank you Michiko and Chris for adding Without You and Practical Others to the Gone Fishing playlist. See for yourself at: http://www.gonefishingforblueskies.com/. Have a great weekend! Jules
Friday, Nov. 23, 2007 Please join us TONIGHT! for my little brother Philip's 21st birthday bash at Sunset House in Peekskill. Check the calendar for details! PS: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wednesday night we went to the annual Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza! As you might imagine, IT ROCKED! PICS ARE UPDATED!
Sat. Nov. 10, 2007 Good morning! Just logged on to write a few lines about last night's gig in Ossining. I had a wonderful time at the Ethical Society playing "in the round" with my favorite songwriter, Dan Pelletier, as well as wonderful guitarist and songwriter (and new friend!), Colin McGrath. The house was packed, the mood was cozy, and the company was just alive with the good vibe. There is just nothing like playing to a crowd of people who are actually listening to every chord and lyric! Can't be beat. And the best part was that I got to be a part of the audience as well! Dan and Colin are two artists you must check out. More soon, Jules
Thursday, November 1, 2007 Quote of the day: "Imagination is a powerful deceiver." - Elvis Costello THANK YOU CANADA FOR OVER 4,500 HITS THIS MONTH! This is by far the biggest number of hits from another country in the 2 year history of this website!!! YEAH!!! Thanks to everyone who came out on Monday to see Marc and I at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn! Check out the updated pics page!
Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007 Well...it has been a tough week for Met fans across New York and beyond. What made it especially tough was hanging out with middle school kids all week and listening to them rub in my face how the Yankees made the playoffs while the Mets made plans for the off-season. I hate to admit it, but I have taken a little pleasure in watching the Yankees-Cleveland series this post season...for reasons obvious to any who follow baseball. On the musical front I have much more positive events to report on! I had the absolute pleasure of playing a solo gig last night at the Marsh Sanctuary for the annual Oktoberfest. Chris and Val, our fantastic hosts, welcomed about 75 friends to their incredibly storied and historic backyard. I got to play in a century-old amphitheatre, complete with Greek columns and stone, terraced horse-shoe seating. No matter how beautiful the setting - and last night was one of the best ever - the gig would have been nothing special without the great crowd of people I met. The KIDS were awesome! A group of little ladies and a gentleman (Caroline, Caitlin, Olivia and Gavin) sat on the audience grass and drew some sketches of me at work up on stage. These drawings are so precious, and so special to me! Go check them out on the PICS page. Second: two more bands besides myself rocked the house last night: Kapow and Batutera. In fact, after meeting the conga player from Batutera, Cruz Jr., just 2 minutes before I took the stage, I invited him to join me for a tune or two. To my delight he joined me for the whole set! It was totally awesome. Finally, thank you SO MUCH to Chris and Val for throwing such a fantastic fundraiser for a beautiful outdoor space that everyone in Westchester needs to see with their own eyes. And of course, thanks Mom and Dad and Scully for joining me on this special night. Ok - go see for yourself, and enjoy the 3 day weekend. Love Jules
Sunday, Sep. 30 LET'S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, just want to say what a great time was had by all last night at Banjo Jim's! Andy Mullen and James Adamo rocked, and Marc and I got to groove a bit, too! I was thrilled to get in a few of the new/old acoustic tunes I am working out for my solo record, as well as my most favorite covers (Alison, Angel of Montgomery). Marc joined in on piano for No Good For Me and Don't Feel Better, which now, as a result, I am seriously considering having them played like that on the record. Love the jazz/blues piano! Finally, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone to try an acapella rendition of Sam Cooke's "Hem of his Garment." I had sung it in the shower for the last few days and figured, "What the hell!" I had my eyes shut tight the entire time, so I really have no idea of what people thought about the whole business, but they clapped hard at the end so that made me feel good - nothing like trying out new material on a room full of teachers! I knew they would be super supportive, as they are every day when they show up to work. A fabulous bunch of friends were there to round out a spectacular evening - Sculls, Kristin, Chrystie, Mac, Linds, Lily, Brian, Eric, Angela, Lier, John, Scott, Bob, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone so...I apologize...but you know you are loved! We capped the evening with an impromptu square dance led by the one and only Andy Mullen - what a blast! I never thought I'd see the day that I would appreciate the subtle genius of instant party-starter: the square dance. But I'm hooked and will let you know when Andy comes calling once again! Ok, I'm off to the game... Jules Saturday, Sep. 29 Check out our interview from Thursday night on www.artistfirst.com! When Scully gets home he'll put up the html so you can just click on it from here, but in the meantime just go to the archives and click on Jules and the Family on www.artistfirst.com. Thanks Philip, Robert, Anna and Russell and everyone else for listening!!! Sweet! Jules
September 24, 2007 PLEASE LISTEN TO THE JULES AND THE FAMILY LIVE INTERVIEW ON WWW.ARTISTFIRST.COM THIS THURSDAY NIGHT, SEP. 27, 10PM!!! Hope all is well! I had a fabulous time this weekend at The Dutch Ale House in Saugerties, NY. This was an all-night solo gig, so I was pretty much falling down by the end of it (along with everyone else - it was like 2AM!) but it was still a blast. Big thank you to Rich (owner of The Dutch), Karen, Johnny, Steve, Lisa, Sculls, and all the folks we met (Richard, Sue, Megan) for making it such a memorable night. I hope to get back up there soon! PICS will be updated from the night shortly. Jules
Tuesday, August 13, 2007 NEXT GIG: Sunday, August 19, 2007 at Dutchess Stadium, Home of the Hudson Valley Renegades! Check out the calendar for ticket info! This is our last stop on the Jules and the Family Summer Tour. There are a few t-shirts left with our tour dates on them so be sure to pick one up at the game. ON SALE: $10! If you'd like to purchase one just shoot me an e-mail with your preferred size and color and I'll send it out to you ASAP! Wednesday, August 8, 2007 Hi there! If you missed any of the photos or journals about our Canada tour you can read them on the NEWS page - I recently moved them over there. Just stayin' inside today, tryin' to keep cool. Things have been fine around here, lately. We did a great private party gig a few weeks ago for a friend who recently returned from the army in Kuwait. That was really special. Next week we'll be at Dutchess Stadium doing a one hour opening set for the Hudson Valley Renegades minor league ballclub! Did you know they are a single A farm team for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? Start time is 3:30 (check the calendar for details). Be good, stay cool! Jules
Thursday, August 2, 2007 Lyric of the day: "Talkin' to you, girl, is like long division." -Old 97's Monday, July 23, 2007 To check out full size Pics of all of our fun on tour CLICK HERE! Ok, so I've had my coffee and I'm ready to do some updating. I have not been able to get to a computer since Friday...so let me back up a bit. After the cool Rancho gig we got up on Friday and headed to CN Tower, the tallest man-made structure IN THE WORLD. I think the teenager working the elevator said it was 140 stories high. HOOO-LEE! In my opinion it was pretty scary. When we got up to the top (the observation deck and the "Sky-Pod") we took turns standing on the glass floor...that was sick. At one point I looked over to see Marc, serenely sitting down, legs crossed, on the glass floor, just staring below him. It was hard to get the full affect because it was a crowded touristy spot, but I think he really got a sense of floating for a second or two. What I found most interesting was that it was the adults, not the kids, who had the most fear about standing on the glass floor. Many of the kids were just unafraid, JUMPING on the glass, which terrified us! It was wild. We came down from CN Tower and went promptly to the Rogers Centre, formerly known as Sky-Dome (right next door to the tower), to check out The Blue Jays-Mariners game. It was a pretty cool stadium and we had a fun time even though the Jays lost. On Saturday we packed up and headed to Barrie, Ontario, about an hour north of Toronto, for our final gig at the KOA Barrie. There were a couple of highlights from this gig - first of all JATF was joined on keys by our Torontonian friend, Kris King for a few tunes that included "Superstition" and "Born Under a Bad Sign." We even got to play "Practical Others" for the first time all week since we had a keyboard and stand handy. The guys got a couple of really great jams in. The other highlight was the lovely bunch of young ladies we met who became the newest, youngest, members of the Jules and the Family fan club. Taryn, Chelsea, Gavin and Cassie, the youngest of 4 generations of their family who were all on hand Saturday night, cheered, clapped, danced, and screamed for us for an hour! We even got to meet Great-Granny Shirley before ending that night's set with "Brown Eyed Girl." They were truly a special bunch. I even had a real rock star moment when, after the gig, I went to the ladies' room to wash up for the night. I opened the door and found 4 little girls, brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed. As soon as they saw me they ran over, tooth-brushes in hand and faces full of paste, and we had a big group hug! It was so funny and cute. They even stopped by our site in the morning to wish us a safe trip back to New York. Our week in upstate New York and Ontario was filled with experiences similar to this one. EVERYONE we met was so awesome, supportive, creative, and appreciative of what we were trying to do. We have made many friends who we'll be keeping in touch with and hopefully going to visit again soon. You can check out some of them on the PICS page, which we'll be updating pretty consistently this week. Johnny, JL and Marc are sending more of their pics over this week, so check back often! Friday, July 20, 2007 PICS ARE UPDATED!!! GO CHECK 'EM OUT! Good afternoon! Our final show in Toronto was last night at El Rancho Relaxo...at midnight! Anyone who knows us is probably thinking, "Wow. You guys actually stayed up past midnight?!" You know we ain't the spring chickens we used to be! But yes, we made it, and played a great set of old and new originals and some classic covers we love. We even busted out "Ain't No Sunshine" and "No Good For Me," two tunes we haven't played in years. We also met some cool musicians, Rayna and Ryan, a funky sound guy named Spoc, and got to hang with Kris, Darrin and Amy - the new official JATF Toronto street team! LOVE IT! After the gig we sat for a bit at the bar chatting with the bartender, Illinois native Greg who's got a band of his own called The Motherload. Today we are off to CN Tower and the Rogers Centre (Sky Dome) to cheer on our new favorite American League Team, The Toronto Blue Jays! Thursday, July 19, 2007 Hope all is well! Just want to give you a little update on how we spent yesterday. First, we decided to go into downtown Toronto and catch the ferry out to Toronto Island...To me, it was kind of like if Central Park in NYC was its own island, with about 800 year-round residents. Quite beautiful! We walked around taking many pictures and enjoying the rustic boardwalk that overlooked Lake Ontario, and even stumbled onto this new-age-rope-climbing-structure-playground-thingy and climbed all over that for a while (pics to follow shortly). We stopped for a mid-afternoon drink at a restaurant called The Rectory, and then grabbed the ferry back to downtown. Approaching from the island, visually, Toronto actually reminds me a lot of Manhattan's financial district and the Water Street/Seaport area. After driving around a bit at the suggestion of our waiter, Jay, from The Rectory, we settled for a pub on King Street W called N'Awlins. This little joint was hoppin' with a rockin' jazz group called The Jim Heineman Trio. Jim, Stacey and Marc are a fantastic bunch of musicians who play N'Awlins every Wednesday night and if you are in the neighborhood I highly recommend checking them out. One of the night's highlights was when the trio invited our very own Marc Osborn up for a jam on piano (again, pics are on their way!). Of course, Marc was awesome and made us all proud. We chatted for a while longer and then headed home for the evening. Today we are just hangin' around. Marc and Johnny are off to see Transformers while the rest of us hang back and catch up on some reading and what not. Tonight we'll be at the Rancho Relaxo for our last Toronto gig :( Wednesday, July 18, 2007 Hello there! Sitting around on our second day off of this whirlwind tour of Toronto, trying to motivate to get up and do some sight-seeing in downtown Toronto... Johnny and Marc are snoozing, catching up on some much needed rest, while Scully, JL and I go thru our PICS from yesterday's excursion to Niagara Falls. The Falls are absolutely breathtaking! We did the "Journey Behind the Falls" walking tour - people actually get to go down into tunnels blasted thru the rock behind Niagara Falls about a hundred years ago to see The Falls from the inside. Did you know that there have actually been a few people who went over The Falls in barrels or boats and actually survived!? One widow in the early 1900's went over in a barrel WITH HER FREAKIN' CAT!!! That is just nuts. We got home last night after stopping at "The Beer Store" where we picked up some good ol' Canadian Moosehead. We had a blast playing around on Scully's Mac taking ridiculous photos of ourselves in the "photo booth"....will post some soon. We laughed for hours. Ok, more to do this afternoon, and then tomorrow is Rancho Relaxo at 9pm and on to Barrie on Saturday. Hope to see some of you there!!! Love Jules Tuesday, July 17, 2007 Good morning! Actually, good afternoon - it's 1PM. Here we are in sunny Toronto on our 4th day of the tour. We played great gigs the last 3 nights and have had a wonderful time getting to know some awesome musicians and artists. I think the highlight thus far has been sharing the last 2 gigs with the fantastic Toronto based band The Strip. Darrin, Kevin, Matt and Chris are four talented singers, songwriters and instrumentalists. Their harmonies are out of this world, not to mention their hospitality has been second to none! We can't wait 'til they come to NYC! On sunday night at The Gladstone Darrin joined us on saxophone for Undivided, and last night Johnny Madden and I couldn't help but jump up to play tambo and sing harmonies on You Can't Always Get What You Want and The Weight. Both nights were really quite special. Today we are off to Niagara Falls for some sightseeing and a nice restful day...as soon as I sign off and get in the shower! Have a great day! Oh yeah: we have taken loads of pictures thus far but have forgotten to pack the cable that connects the camera to the laptop....if we pick one up we'll update the pics tonight or first thing in the morning. Monday, July 16, 2007 JULES AND THE FAMILY HAS LANDED IN TORONTO! Hope this message finds you doing well and enjoying the summer. Just want to write a little update and how the tour has been going. We left Westchester Saturday morning and spent the afternoon driving north to Franklin, NY (outside Oneonta), where we stopped to set up camp at the Unadilla KOA Kampground! That night we played to a fantastic crowd of campers, kids and adults alike. We met some great people like Kathy and Mike, Kelley and Brian, Mary Jo and Roger, just to name a few. The highlight of the night was when members of the audience joined us for a few sing-a-longs! As per usual at JATF shows, two guest stars blew everyone away: Alex on the drums and Amanda on acoustic guitar! These two talented teenage campers led the entire tent in singing "Sweet Home Alabama". It was really something special! We wrapped up the night by stuffing all 5 of us in a beautiful, brand new, one room cabin. I'm gonna run and have some breakfast with the guys (courtesy of Sculls!) but I'm not done updating so give me an hour and I'll be right back! Jules
Friday, July 13, 2007 Hello there! Last night Jules and the Family had the absolute pleasure of opening for Colin Hay of Men at Work at Stamford's Alive @ Five! We had a wonderful time playing, hanging, and listening to awesome tunes from Colin Hay and his band, as well as Lazlo Bane. We even sold a few CD's and t-shirts! After the show we met Colin, his wife, Noelle, and their band...it was really fantastic. Check out the PICS! I will write more about this incredible experience when I can sit and digest the whole thing a bit more, but in the meantime I just wanted to keep you in the loop! Also, when you get a minute, click here - or here to see a slideshow of the 3rd Annual Camping Extravaganza that took place last weekend. It is always a memorable trip. Finally, we are off to Toronto tomorrow for our summer tour of Ontario, Canada. We're bringing the laptop, so check back often for an update and some pics! Thanks! Jules
Happy 4th of July! We have been busily preparing for our Ontario Tour 2007...coming up in just 2 short weeks! A massive thank you must go out to our friend Kris King for helping making this tour happen. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE alert your Canadian friends and family that Jules and the Family is coming to rock Toronto!!! Check the calendar for details! I have spent the last few days decompressing from a long school year that ended last week. We kicked off the summer with a great gig at the Midway Bar in Manhattan...while the rest of the city melted away, suffered from power outages and mass transit delays, JATF played some new tracks from Border Radio and some classic tunes from our first record. While there we had the pleasure of checking out 2 great bands that performed before and after our set: Peter & Paul and Scott Maher! I always love supporting fellow bands, so that was a big highlight for me. Ok, camping this weekend for 3/4 of JATF...the pics from last year's trip never did get posted - they are still at a CVS in New Rochelle - but hopefully we'll be better about documenting the rafting this year. Have a great holiday week! Jules
Sunday, June 24, 2007 Another Sunday has come and gone...as well as another fine weekend to share some stories from. Last Thursday's MakeMusicNY gig in Astoria could not have been better! Undeterred by rain, JATF moved the sidewalk show inside Gilbey's when storm clouds rolled overhead (THANKS to Lars and Mike for making that happen so smoothly!). The show itself kicked butt...the Guzzlers were out in full force! Thank you especially to KOB, Deky, Dr. Ron, MTV Dave, and Tommy for singing and playing, and to the entire JATF Official Street Team - your t-shirts looked great! On Saturday JATF entertained the crowd at the very successful benefit for Austin MacGuire at Murphy's in Yorktown. Marc Von Em and Fred Gillen, Jr. were also on hand for this special event - and they both TOTALLY ROCKED! These two prolific songwriters blow me away every time I see them and I feel so absolutely honored to call them my friends and fellow musicians. Please, when you get a moment, check them both out - I promise you will not be disappointed! Everyone involved with Austin's benefit was so great and it was our pleasure to hang with you guys all day - Chris Painter, Pat Corcoran, The Duffy Family, The Murphy Family - you are a special bunch. Today was another long day, but a beautiful one. After tail-gating with my family, the Mets swept the A's at Shea: Jose Reyes stretched a double into an inside-the-park homerun to lead off the game! Ok, I think you get the point that it was a great weekend. Hope yours was fun, too. Jules
Next Gig: Saturday June 23, 2007 at 1PM join us at Murphy's in Yorktown for A Benefit for Austin! We'll be sharing the stage with Marc Von Em and Fred Gillen Jr. Monday, June 18, 2007 First of all, HAPPY BELATED FATHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU DADS! Especially JATF dads John Madden and Jonathan Lloyd. Hope you had a nice Monday back to work. Things are crazy at my job - the end of the school year is here, and students and teachers alike are running low on patience and motivation. However, there is still lots of work to be done and so we push on. These June weekends are precious, and this time we started off at The Starving Artist on City Island. I played one solo set and then we did one fun acoustic band set. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We even had some special guest performances including City Island newcomer and musician, Scott, and Jorge Caraballo from the always impressive Beatles Tribute outfit, Rubber Soul! Jorge and I dueted on Baby's in Black and I'll Follow the Sun. Andy Robinson and Pete Carucci from The Romantic Exiles/Fab 3 also stopped in, which prompted Sculls and I to drop by their gig the following night at Dr. Gilbert's Cafe in Riverdale. I was thrilled to find out they were playing almost all Beatles!!! Finally, The Starving Artist is always a wonderful gig because of Monica, Elliott, Hannah, Uncle Bill, and my own family who never miss a show there! It was a wonderful way to kick off Father's Day weekend. Jules
Next Gig: MakeMusicNY on the sidewalk in front of Gilbey's @ 32nd & Broadway, Astoria, Thursday, June 21, 2007. Don't miss it! See calendar for details. Check out the searchable list of performers for Make Music New York! featured in Time Out New York
Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Hey there! I don't usually update late on a Tuesday night, but it was a busy weekend and the Mets are on the West coast so the game doesn't start 'til 10pm...so here I am, awake, intently watching this game, crossing my fingers for a win! Anyhow, the PICS are updated with some shots from Marc's barbeque on Saturday afternoon and from the absolutely amazing Tommy Emmanuel concert at BB Kings on Sunday evening. Tommy was, of course, a rockstar, but equally impressive was 18 year-old opening act Kieran Murphy! You've got to check out this Australian guitar virtuoso. We were all blown away. The guys and I will be at the Starving Artist this Friday (6/15) with special guest Jorge Caraballo from Rubber Soul! I've been brushing up on my Beatles' tunes just for this occasion. Ok, have a great week, see you soon! Jules
Saturday, June 2, 2007 THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE LAST NIGHT'S CD RELEASE PARTY SO SPECIAL! We had an absolute blast at Mo Pitkin's. Special thanks to Jasper, our sound man, Lindsay, Ben, and Stacey for helping out with the CD's and t-shirts, and, as usual, to Scully for taking care of all the things we forgot to do. Jules and the Family would not have had such a great gig without that little help from our friends. Thank you also to the Manhattan East and Gilbey's crews, our new friends from Brooklyn (Morgan!) and old faithfuls (Maria, Nadia, Mike, Dom, Terry, Robert, John, Marci, Colleen) and everyone else I am forgetting to mention. I cannot tell you how lucky and proud the four of us feel to be a part of your lives. OH YEAH! I almost forgot to mention one more time: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN MADDEN! What's a CD party without some birthday cake? Many happy wishes to John and to his gorgeous son, James, who also had a birthday, turning 2 last week! Ok gang, enough babbling for now. Thanks for everything! Love what you do, Jules
Next Gig: City CD Release Party Friday, June 1, 2007 @ Mo Pitkin's in the East Village! Don't miss it! See calendar for details. Friday, May 25, 2007 Sorry for the delay in updating. The Old Iron Spring Festival was a lot of fun this past Sunday! There are some new pics up now. The people up in Saratoga really made us feel at home. After our set, we were privileged to see some amazing performances by: Jack Kenyon, Joe G., Soul Session, and Yarn. I highly recommend checking out any one of those guys. They were great! Special thanks to Andy Hagadorn for setting the whole thing up. Monday brought us to The Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. What a cool place to play! Thanks to Lisa Hahn and the Dot Com along with Bad Ash, for sharing the bill and hanging with us all night!
Friday, May 18, 2007 Check out our good friends Fred Gillen, Jr. and Matt Turk (above) auditioning for Music Under New York! This article was in this week's Daily News! It has been a wonderful week! Scully & I got to see one of my favorite performers, ELVIS COSTELLO, not once but TWICE this week in New York City!!! The first night we were only 3 rows back at the Ed Sullivan Theatre. He was incredible. His stage presence and rapport with the crowd were two things that were really inspiring to me. It was obvious that he gave both shows everything he had. And the Imposters! What a tight band! Overall, I was very, very impressed with both performances and I highly recommend that you go and check them out soon. The Met game was a little bit of a bummer this week (Tuesday) but they picked it up last night, so that made it a bit better. Finally, last night was the Manhattan East Spring Musicale directed by the lovely and talented Miss Debra Tuzman. I was so, so impressed with the concert band, chorus and jazz ensemble! Congrats Debbie on a fantastic show! Have a great weekend - we'll be working in Saratoga and Brooklyn...hopefully we'll see you there! Love Jules NEXT SHOWS: Sunday, May 20, 2pm at The Old Iron Spring Festival in Saratoga, Upstate New York; Monday, May 21, 8pm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. See the CALENDAR for details.
Sunday, May 12, 2007 THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who joined us last night for the Border Radio CD Release Party!!! It was a smash success! All of the people we love most were there to help celebrate this milestone for Johnny, JL, Marky and myself. My mom even got a cake with the album cover ON IT! Special thanks to the Madden, Osborn, Lloyd and Corbalis/Fattrusso families, and of course to Scully clan: Kathleen, Bill, Christopher, Colleen, James, and Eileen. I was also thrilled to share this special day with some of my favorite musicians who stopped by: Fred Gillen Jr., Marc Von Em, Matt Turk, and of course, Rob Scheps, who joined us on flute for 3 songs. Where is that darn camera when you need it!? Overall, I just want to send a great big "THANKS" out to everyone. I really hope you enjoy the CD. Love what you do, Jules PS: The pics from the Manhattan East Block Party have recently been updated!!
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL MANHATTAN EAST BLOCK PARTY!!! It was a blast. Special thanks to Lynn Hippen, Mona Slota, Manon Ruiz, and Angel Rangel for doing such a wonderful job on orchestrating the Cinco de Mayo theme. The food (Mr. Rangel!) was unbelievable. There are so many people to thank...Andy Mullen, Jules and the Family, Apollo, Brett Costello, Russell Holzman, and Anson Li's bands (oops! I forget their names) and Israel made sure the party was rockin' throughout the day. Also big thank you to Adam Holzman and Naya Tabia for gettin' funky on Stevie Wonder's Superstition! Naya's dancers were also wonderful: they performed a sneak-preview showcase for Manhattan East that they will take to the world famous Apollo stage in a month. Scully, Lily and Angie tirelessly worked the door, the food, helped out with the bands, and basically picked up all the slack! My Corbalis/Fattrusso family also came and worked their butts off all day. This party would not have happened if it were not for the custodial crew at Manhattan East! Jorge saved me about 6 times yesterday as I searched for working sockets, extension cords, ladders, and everything I had not thought of in time to pull this thing off. Overall, the party really showed the wonderful spirit of the Manhattan East community. There were so many familiar faces. This is something I look forward to every year, and I'm so glad we did it! Enjoy the day, Jules
Sunday April 29, 2007 Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend! Just a quick note to update you on the upcoming shows: the dining room is FULL for the CD Release Party at Sunset House, Friday, May 11! But don't worry if you did not make a reservation for dinner - there is still plenty of room at the bar, on the patio, and at the tables out front for you to sit, relax, and enjoy some great live music! Also, for all you Westchester residents: check Jules and the Family out in this week's NORTH COUNTY NEWS! Thank you Lisa Fine for finding a space for us in your column, The Fine Print. This week is just practice, practice, practice...you know where I'll be. Jules
APRIL 22, 2007 New Pics from The Starving Artist are now up!! Happy Earth Day! Hope you had a nice weekend! The Starving Artist Cafe was a lot of fun on Friday night. I got to play some new tunes I've been workin' on, and I was thrilled to be joined by the Starving Artist herself, Monica, for a little "Angel from Montgomery," and then our very own Marc Osborn for the second set of new tunes from the record. We even sold 3 CD's!!! HA! I am proud to say that I have been named the "darling" of the The Starving Artist (they already have a sweetheart...but I don't mind!). Special thanks to Scully, Marci, Brian, Elliott, Monica, Valerie, Hannah, Uncle Bill (Let's Go Mets!), and our new friends Josh, Frank, Cheryl, Denise, and Kim, for making it such a cool night! I spent the beautiful day of Saturday inside doing some school work - I'm building a "WebQuest" on Mesopotamia! Sounds silly, but actually, it's kind of cool. Let me know if any of you teachers wanna check it out when I'm done. Finally, today is rehearsal and I'll be sure to bring my camera and take some pics of us hard at work. OK, enough of this blabbing. Have a great week! Do what you love, Jules
APRIL 11, 2007 Happy Birthday to me! I'm 29 years young today. In other news, check out some updated pics from the Mets' home-opener on April 9. You can now download individual tracks from "Border Radio"! Check out the BUY page! NEXT GIG: Jules solo, Friday, April 20, 8-11pm. The Starving Artist Cafe, City Island, Bronx. Mostly original, acoustic rock. Tightening up the tunes from the folk record I'm currently working on.
Happy Easter and Passover! I have gotten the chance to relax all week, and it has been awesome. Watched all the Met games (4-1 BABY!), and booked a bunch of gigs - check out the calendar because we are filling up fast for May and June! YEAH! If anyone has seen April's More Sugar let us know how it looks...I haven't seen it yet. Have a great week!
Sunday, April 1, 2007 Hope all is well! It has been a great weekend. Friday was Lindsay's birthday (HAPPY 26th!), and Saturday was a day filled with music and fun. I spent the morning putting some new/old tracks down with Fred Gillen Jr. for a future Julie Corbalis folk album (which went well!), and then Scully and I drove up to Ellenville, NY, to hang with our good friend and awesome musician, Bryan Gordon. Bryan got the barbeque going while we blabbed endlessly about life and music and other topics. We even jammed a little bit - Bryan taught me some Eddie Cochran! It sounded great on the Gretsch. We also got to hang out with Bryan and Kate's awesome kids, Sully and Reily! There were definitely a lot of laughs. You can check out some of Fred's and Bryan's music if you just click on the LINKS page.
O.K. we've FINALLY sent out all the artwork and music for the new CD!! The album is called Border Radio (the pic above is the cover). We should have it back and ready for distribution in about 2 weeks! In the meantime check out the samples on the Music page, and be sure to keep coming back, as things will probably be updated often. Don't forget to check the Calendar for new shows! We'll be announcing a CD release party as soon as the details are worked out! Hope to see everyone soon!!
Saturday, March 17, 2007 HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! (Dig the background colors?!) Check out some photos from Brazil! JL and Veronica just got back and sent us a few great ones to post. 3 NEW DATES ADDED TO OUR CALENDAR! Check out a couple of PICS from this past weekend with the AM Band at the Claddagh in Mahopac. It's a gorgeous new Irish Pub where The Front Row once stood. Jules and the Family will begin touring to support our new album, Border Radio, in just a few short weeks! Check the CALENDAR for details.
Saturday, March 3, 2007 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS CORBALIS!!! We had a lot fun celebrating Chris's big day at The End Zone last night. Thanks so much to Gina, Chrissie, Darlina, Angelina, Dennis, Toni-Anne, Brian, Matt and Brooke, Marc, Johnny, Tom, John, Phil, Mom and Dad, Veronica, Belsie, Chris, Sculls, and the rest of the gang for making it such a memorable night. The highlight for me was definitely "The Cheese Song" composed by the Palotti ladies. PICS will be upated later today. Have a great weekend! Jules
Sunday, February 18, 2007 PICS FROM THE L.O.M.E. FEST ARE NOW UPDATED!!! PLUS: If you missed Thursday's WARY Radio interview you can listen to excerpts of it by clicking on theMusic/Video page. Thank you to everyone who came out to the 1st Annual Local Music Expose (L.O.M.E. Fest!) at the Ossining Eagles' Club! People traveled from near (Mom, Dad, my brothers and the BOCES crew in Yorktown) and far (Andy, Tom, Brian, and Melissa from NYC!) to support 4 local bands: Jules and the Family, Rain of Kings, CrashBox and The Soul Tree Villains. And we cannot forget DJ Ricky who had everyone dancing in between sets with music from yesterday and today. Special thanks to Jason Gisser of The Soul Tree Villains for making the L.O.M.E Fest a reality. Jay worked for months getting the bands and equipment together, renting the space, tirelessly promoting, and all the while doing his day job and gigging on the weekends. It really was a special night!
Friday February 9, 2007 Catch Jay Gisser and I promoting the LOME Festival on 88.1 WARY (WCC's radio station) this Thursday, Feb. 15 @ 8:00pm!!! If you are a music fan, a musician, artist, photographer, promoter, family friend, significant other, teacher, lawyer, or phone guy, or any other profession for that matter, you will have a blast at The L.O.M.E Festival (Local Original Music Expose) Saturday, February 17, 2007 @ 7pm. 4 Hudson Valley bands, Jules and the Family, The Soul Tree Villains, Rain of Kings and Crash Box, will be rockin' out all night in an attempt to remind us all why we love live music. Please come and show your support for music in our community!!! ***Get Directions To The Ossining Eagles Club*** The new Jules and the Family disc is now in post production, and we've begun sending it out to New England music festivals for Summer 07 and radio stations. If you know of any great summer venues in the Northeast please pass along the info. As usual, thank you for all of your support! Love what you do, Jules
Friday, Feb. 2 Join me tonight (2/2/07) at The End Zone in Putnam Valley! Check the calendar for details!
Thursday, January 25, 2007 PICS are updated from Gibney's this past Sunday!! Special thanks to Kelly, Mike, Tommy, Richie, Tara, Dr. Ron and MTV Dave for singing and playing your hearts out with me. I am so lucky to have a homebase like Gibney's!
Sun. Jan 21, 2007 COME HANG AT GIBNEY'S IN ASTORIA TONIGHT! Check the calendar for details. Hope all is well. It was a pretty nice weekend - went to Marc's new house in Brooklyn to sing some last little things and then Madden and Marc came over to hang on a Saturday night. We wrote a new tune in between homemade dumplings (courtesy Sculls) and sausage and sauerkraut...mmm...yum...
Jan. 15, 2007 Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! I celebrated with a long weekend of original music and spending some quality time with good friends. PICS will be updated later today. Friday night was a smash success at The Starving Artist Gallery on City Island! An addition to unveiling a couple of brand new originals, I was so lucky to be joined by Jorge Caraballo of Beatles Tribute band Rubber Soul for duets on "If I Fell" and "Two of Us." Jorge then serenaded us with a few more Beatles classics and finally joined me on the encore "Don't Let Me Down." Just when I thought it couldn't get much better, my good friend and bandmate Marc Osborn joined me to perform many of our brand new tunes that will be appearing on our second album! It was really a very, very special occasion. Special thanks to Monica, Elliott, and Hannah for hosting a wonderful evening, as well as everyone who came out to support local music including Debbie, Marci, Yolanda and Louie (and Scully, of course!). The Starving Artist is an incredibly special place, and I look forward to getting back down there for Two Guitars in a couple of weeks. The following evening, Saturday, was an equally great show at the Dockside Pub in Mahopac. Thanks so much to Michael at the Dockside for hosting local live music, and to Joe Potts, Tommy and Janine of Tell Tale Signs for inviting me to open for them. I am very lucky to be in the company of such great musical talent. Love what you do, Jules PS - I ALMOST FORGOT! Julie Corbalis Belgium tour t-shirts from Summer, 2006, are now on sale at Rebirth of Slick. We sold out of these cools shirts designed by my friend, Ben Maniere...so check them out!
Wed. Jan. 3, 2007 Hope your holidays were great! Just wanted to say the Soulstream show on New Years Eve was awesome!! Be sure to check out the recently updated Pics! And check my links for Soulstream's website. OK more later... HAVE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!! Jules
Sat. Dec. 23, 2006 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope this holiday season finds you and your family healthy and happy. I am making some final Christmas preparations this weekend - I'm starting my shopping this afternoon....I'm a little apprehensive about what the stores are going to be like, but I am not very pro-active in this life department, so I just deal with it. This past week has been very busy! It seemed that every night Scully and I were heading somewhere, meeting friends for food and drink, and talking a lot of music and about what's to come in 2007. Jules and the Family is making some final moves pulling this new album together...meeting with artists about cover art, some copyright permission requests, and mixing/mastering meetings. It is all pretty exciting! I am looking forward to getting together with Johnny, JL and Marky to actually jam these new tunes a bit; and to really learn them so we can put on a kick-ass live show. Last night was extra-special because it was the YHS Class of 1996 Ten Year Reunion!!! Of course there is no photographic documentation of the event - Because who can drink and take pictures at the same time? But I can tell you - and many will vouch - that a great time was had by all. At one point in the night I was having such a good time that I was shocked to look at the clock and read 3AM! I didn't want to leave. Ok, enough babbling for now. Have a wonderful and safe and fun and relaxing couple of days spent with family and friends. Lots of love and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Jules
Dec. 11, 2006 Hope you had a nice weekend! I spent yesterday afternoon at the Starving Artist on City Island enjoying the lovely acoustic jazz stylings of Two Guitars - Gus Weiland and Brian Conigliaro. While gorging ourselves on delicious spinach dip, sausage pizza, and a brownie sundae, we were serenaded with both original compositions and under-the-radar classics by bands including Simon and Garfunkel and Steely Dan. It was great! I will update the PICS later tonight, so check back soon. Have a great week! Jules
Sunday, Dec. 3, 2006 As usual, it has been a music-filled weekend from Westchester to NYC! Friday night Marky and I met up in the studio to write some final harmonies for our tune "Comes From the One." This tune, along with 11 others, are all part of the much anticipated new album from Jules and the Family. We wrapped things up at midnight and scooted over to meet Scully at Sunset House in Peekskill to catch THE A.M. BAND, who put on another ROCKIN' performance. The A.M. Band is definitely one of my local favorites, and to my delight, Jay Gisser and Bill Gordon (Bryan's brother) joined the band for mini set of funk-filled classics and the always crowd pleasing original: Manthem! Bryan wouldn't let Marc and I leave until we joined in on some good ol' Beatles and Pretenders covers. (Really, I'm not exaggerating: when I said we'd rather just watch and not come up for tune or two, he led the crowd in a "Julie! What the F**K?" chant). Ah, good times. On Saturday we grabbed mom and dad and headed to the Starving Artist Cafe on City Island to catch the band Rubber Soul for 2 sets of NOTHIN' BUT BEATLES!!! My dad and I were in heaven. As soon as I find their website I am adding them to my links because they totally rocked. Of the three singers, each one held his own successfully channeling John, Paul and George, on tunes from all different albums. The solos were note for note dead on and the harmonies were gorgeous. WELL DONE, RUBBER SOUL (The pic above)! Check out some NEW bands on the Links page! Ok, enough for now, have a good week and happy shopping! Jules
Sunday, November 26, 2006 PICS ARE UPDATED!!! Thank you to everyone who made "In Their Own Words" a HUGE success at the Dockside Pub in Mahopac last night! The place was packed and all the musicians sounded super! I really enjoyed being able to sit and enjoy sets by Cassie Frake and Jon Yzaguirre, Chris Foley, Dana Edelman and Marc Von Em. And a very special thanks to Gus Wieland, who planned the whole thing! I am really looking forward to seeing more events like this one. My LINKS will be updated shortly for you to check out these wonderful artists I got to hang with last night. In other news, a bunch of us went to the House of Blues in Atlantic City on Friday night to check out the Brian Setzer Orchestra and The Marauders! HOLY COW these two bands were flipping unbelievable!!! We had some problems bringing our camera into the place, so you'll just have to take my word for it that we were all decked in zoot suits and leopard print and we looked AWESOME! We met The Marauders by chance afterwards in the ShowBoat Casino - it turns out that they are from the tiny Pennsylvania town of Ebensburg - which just happens to be where much of my family lives today! It really is a small world, after all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Jules
Friday, Nov.24, 2006 PICS ARE UPDATED!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! It has been a wonderful year...I have so many things to be thankful for, I don't even know where to begin. The music has been fruitful and the friendships I have made along the way are among my most prized posessions. I know this is starting to sound a bit cheezy, but it's the truth! A beautiful display of all of this love was demonstrated, once again, this past Sunday at Gibney's! It was an absolutely spectacular, fun-filled evening of sing-alongs, new originals and old classics. Special thanks to Meaghan, Tara, MTV Dave, Kelly, Lindsay, Richie, Frankie, Dr. Ron, and Ruari, for getting up and joining me for a song or two. I really live for those moments! Jules ps. I really hope to see you at Dockside in Mahopac this weekend! Tickets are $7 and you get a whole night of original music from myself, MARC VON EM, DANA EDELMAN, CHRIS FOLEY, and CASSANDRA FRAKE! Check the calendar for details. Hope all is well! The LINKS have recently been updated...go check them out!
November 15, 2006 It has been a busy week at work so far, but I've been laying low in the evenings, trying to catch up on some rest before the Thanksgiving rush. The Murphy's gig in Yorktown was a lot of fun, and something I hope we can do as a full band in the future. Many thanks to the one and only John Madden for setting the whole thing up. I'll be over at Gibney's this Sunday at 6pm. Hope to catch you there! Jules ps. I really hope to see you at Dockside in Mahopac Thanksgiving Weekend! Tickets are $7 and you get a whole night of original music from myself, MARC VON EM, DANA EDELMAN, CHRIS FOLEY, and CASSANDRA FRAKE! Check the calendar for details. Hope all is well! The LINKS have recently been updated...go check them out!
Nov. 10, 2006 COME SEE ME IN MY HOMETOWN!!! I'LL BE PLAYING WITH MANY GUESTS THIS SATURDAY, NOV. 11, AT MURPHY'S IN YORKTOWN. SHOW STARTS 10PM. THIS IS MY VERY FIRST GIG IN YORKTOWN AND I AM VERY EXCITED!!!! UPDATED PICS FROM THE NYC MARATHON! No, I didn't run in the thing, but I did stand on 1st Avenue and cheer for complete strangers for an hour. This was my first time at the marathon and I was completely overwhelmed at the motivation of all of these runners and completely inspired by the thousands of volunteers handing out water, sponges, playing live music, and cheering at the top of their lungs. It was truly a special day in New York. Congrats to all those who ran!
10/23/06 I really hope to see you at Dockside in Mahopac Thanksgiving Weekend! Tickets are $7 and you get a whole night of original music from myself, MARC VON EM, DANA EDELMAN, CHRIS FOLEY, and CASSANDRA FRAKE! Check the calendar for details. Hope all is well! It has been a great week and weekend. Last night Sculls and I checked out PIE BOYS FLAT at Gibney's and of course, they were awesome! Definitely one of my local favorites. You better get out to see them now before they break out - which won't be long I'm sure. Oh, and the photo above is Marc, Eamon from the Prodigals, and me! The LINKS have recently been updated...go check them out! Jules PS. Halloween is almost upon us! Check out a NEW LINK on Haunted Places around the USA!
Oct. 12, 2006 Hope you are having a good week thus far. We have updated some pics today from our celebration and benefit at Gibney's in Astoria for our friend, Kieran Ryan, who passed away last week. Kieran and I became fast friends once I started hangin' around Gibney's about 6 years ago. He was a sound engineer and I was a budding singer/songwriter, so we always had a lot in common. When I began doing gigs at Gibney's, Kieran would always stick around to help me with my massive P.A., which I hadn't a clue how to use, and would often give words of encouragement and advice on how to be the best performer I could be. He particularly enjoyed my little rendition of Elvis Costello's "Allison" and offered to help me record it and send it off to Declan McManus (Elvis Costello) himself. Kieran always gushed about this band he had been working with called The Prodigals: an Irish folk rock band who were constantly on the road and picking up news fans wherever they went. I always promised Kieran I would make it out to a Prodigals show, but unfortunately, I never made it until Kieran was no longer with us. I finally did get my chance to meet and listen to The Prodigals last Thursday. Thanks to Ruari and the gang at Gibney's, a hugely successful benefit concert to celebrate the life of Kieran Ryan was organized in two days, and attracted local musicians from all over the tri-state area including myself, Jay Gisser, Niall Cremin, Tosser and The Prodigals. The place was jam packed and we all raised a bunch of money for a children's charity in Kieran's name. It was truely a lovely night. I know it is what Kieran would have wanted. Alright...enough for now. Thanks for reading. Jules
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2006 PICS are updated from a week full of music! For starters, there are some great shots from last Friday's gig at The Starving Artist Cafe on City Island. Elliot and Monica are wonderful hosts and I can't wait to get my butt back in there for another gig and some of those chocolate brownies! It's a tiny space but there is a lot of room for love - which was in no shortage that night! Mom, Dad, and an old Jules and the Family friend, Brian, came down from Westchester, as well as Lindsay from Manhattan and John and his family from Queens and the Bronx. City Island is one of NYC's best kept secrets, but I don't know how much longer it will be kept under wraps at this rate! This weekend began with Putnam National on Friday night - a bill I shared with my brother, Chris, and Justin O'Leary. I really enjoy doing the duets with Chris, as he is one outstanding bass player...not to mention he'll get up and sing John Denver after a few pints! Justin was awesome - both covers and originals - particularly his own "Angry" and at this point anything by Dave Matthews. I think we're a good team, and I'm hoping to book more shows we can share. Finally, last night Sculls, my folks, Doc Herman, and I headed into Mt. Kisco for the grand opening of The Golden Apple Coffeehouse at St. Mark's Church, where Hope Machine held its CD release party for their new album "March." The place was jam packed and the music was really something extremely special. At times the whole place (about 50 people!) was singing in perfect harmony. Ok, so check out all those pics, and let me know what you think! Be good, Jules Don't forget about those samples of the new tunes, also on the MUSIC page...
Sun, Sep. 24, 2006 It has been a very nice weekend! The Starving Artist Cafe on City Island was a hit - I got to play original tunes that I haven't played in years, including "Ruari"! Elliot, Monica and Hannah were wonderful hosts, and everyone who came to see me couldn't stop commenting on how great the place and the people were. I'm looking forward to booking future dates there! Check out a couple of video clips taken that night on the Music/Video page! Check back tomorrow for PICS from the evening. ****Chris Corbalis and Justin O'Leary will be joining me this Friday night at the Putnam National Golf club , and I hope you do too!****
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 NEW PICS UPDATED SEP. 17! Check out the calendar for updated NEW YORK dates! CHECK OUT THE BRAND NEW VIDEO OF MY BRAND NEW SONG "BELGIAN COUNTRYSIDE" FROM THIS WEEKEND'S GIG! GREAT gig over the weekend at Putnam National! Special thanks to Rich and his two cute boys, Ryan (2) and Ben (8), who really made the night a fun one, headbanging to all the '80's classics! Special guests included: Chris Corbalis on bass, along with a little help from Johnny Madden, Marc Osborn, and Debbie Tuzman! The highlight for me was "Country Roads" by John Denver...the harmonies were really somethin' with all those voices. I'll be back at the Putnam National Golf Club in Mahopac every Friday from Sep. 29 - Oct. 20 so please come check it out! No need to be a member - everyone is welcome! Check the calendar for details. And speaking of Marc, www.marcosborn.com is now official! Please check out Marc's brand new site that showcases his many talents as pianist, bassist, producer, and songwriter. He's kind of a like a one-stop musician shop...available for all types of formal and informal occasions and events, and his musical repertoire spans about 80 years! WOW! Good luck Marc! This Friday night is the Starving Artist Cafe on City Island in the Bronx...It will be an all original night! Samples of 3 NEW songs are now on the Music page!! We're still working on them, so let me know what you think. Have a great week! Jules
September 10. It has been an exhausting week, but a great one! It was back to school this week and I must say we've got some great students. I was a little nervous to return to teaching this year after such a successful music tour in Europe, but all of my doubts were immediately disspelled once I met the students. We are already having incredible discussions about history and culture and it is obvious to me that they are just going to get better. In other news this week, I have penned a new tune all about our Belgian Holiday (a la "Greek Song") that I plan on playing live for the first time this Friday at the Golf Club. You won't want to miss it! I've also been getting together with the guys, endlessly working on the new Jules and the Family record. It's really turning out to be fantastic. If you're tired of hearing that it is always "almost" done, let me know and I will send you a three-tune sample CD for FREE. Just ask.
September 2, 2006 Check out the calendar for updated NEW YORK dates! The Putnam National Golf Club in Mahopac will be a fantastic place for you and your family to spend Friday nights throughout September and October. No need to be a member - Everyone is welcome! Check the calendar for details. Wednesday, August 30, 2006 After 3 long and incredible weeks, I am finally home from our whirlwind European tour. I will write more when I can fully wrap my head around the actual events of this trip, but in the meantime I just want to say THANK YOU!! to everyone who made this adventure possible. Special thanks to Scully, who since February had been painstakingly creating an itinerary that included both education and fun. My brothers, Chris and Philip, made this trip a true family affair, and there is no one I would have rather traveled with for such a long period of time. Our friend Lindsay wore many hats on this trip, but above all her friendship has been a most important factor of guidance and stability in my life. Of course, this trip would not have been possible without the original invitation from Marcell Trioen, a fabulous Belgian performer/singer/songwriter/blues guitar extraordinaire and all around great man, and his girlfriend, Connie. Together they made my whole family and I feel like a part of their family, and for this we are forever indebted to them. Pat Kelly was, as usual, another source of friendship, guidance, and fun, and he, as usual, was instrumental in allowing me to get my music out to the far reaches (for me, anyway) of Europe. Perhaps as a shining example of how happy we all felt at the end of this excursion to Belgium, I have to thank our good friend Benoit. By the end of it all we were exhausted and ready to go home, but somehow Benoit and his friends had us believing that we were already home, and had no reason to be leaving so soon. The whole experience has been surreal, unimaginable, and beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks so much to everyone for making me feel so special, and finally being able to understand the meaning of some good family and friends. Love Jules
Sunday, August 27, 2006 Well...It is Sunday here in sunny Handzame. This week in Belgium has certainly been one to remember! I will write more when I can sit and really think about everyything, but as far as an update here goes: The Antwerpen gigs with Pat Kelly were fun and the staff at Kelly's were awesome. We arrived in our rent-a-cars at Lichtervelde on Friday, just in time to have dinner with the owner of Kavijaks, Chris. He is a true music fan and treated my family and friends like royalty. Marcell and I played 4 sets total and were joined by my brother, Chris, and John Crawley on two tunes at the end. Last night was the Cafe de Luyte in the town of Lichtervelde. The place was absolutely jam-packed and the people really enjoyed live music. Today we are recovering at our good friend Benoit's bar in Handzame. Tonight is the last Belgium gig in Bissegem. We have sold out of all of the t-shirts, old Cd's, and samplers...I think we can consider this trip a huge success. The pic above is from Rome...me at the Coliseum.
Thursday, Aug. 24 The final night at Kelly's was a huge success! I am completely out of the Sample CD's of our 3 new tunes! We are going to attempt to put them on line for the remainder of the tour in case you would like to give them a listen...More info about that to come. Tomorrow we drive to Zeebrugge and Lichtervelde for a weekend of 4 more gigs in 3 days! There has been an overwhelming outpouring of support for live music here in Antwerp, and I am truly looking forward to returning in the near future! Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Another great gig in Antwerp last night! I somehow managed to play a completely different set from the night before, and even have a few songs leftover that will be new at tonight's gig. We were "blessed" with a visit from our very own, Phil Brady, studying in Rotterdam. Phil always manages to take the party to the next level (call me for an explanation). Anyway, Scully and I took a walk through Antwerp this morning and it really is a beautiful little city. We had the best flaky-croissant thingies for breakfast, and tomorrow we will certainly hit up the waffle stand. Our hosts at Kelly's have been very gracious and accomodating, as long as we remember to bring our glasses back downstairs in the morning. The CD's went well again last night, and we even had some guests come back again after Monday's gig. Special thanks to Bob and Jean and Frank and Tina from England - don't be surprised if we show up at your doorstep sometime in 2007. Right now we have to figure out our travel situation for the weekend - we are attempting to rent cars and drive down to the Lichtervelde gigs. The drivers here make New Yorkers seem tame, so this will certainly be an adventure. There are more pics updated this morning, and still they don't even scratch the surface of the places we've been and the things we've seen. If we can we'll stop back tomorrow and post a few more. See you Soon! Jules
Tuesday, August 22, 2006 THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT FOR THE FANTASTIC GIG AT KELLY'S IRISH PUB IN ANTWERP LAST NIGHT! Greetings from Antwerp, Belgium! We got in yesterday after a 16 hour train ride...Grabbed some burgers, moved our luggage upstairs, showered, and came back down to spend the night playing music in Kelly's Irish Pub. The gig was fantastic! The 3 song sample CD's are almost all gone already, the old CD's have been getting good reviews, and we have even sold a t-shirt or two. We are exhausted but having an amazing time. Check out some pics from our travels last week on the PICS page. We only have time now to post a few, so keep checking back for the rest in the coming weeks. I'll update more shortly.
Sunday, Aug. 20, 2006 DAY 9 Just a Quick Hello from Rome!!! Lots to say but no time in the internet cafe... We've seen so much... when there's time Sculls will upload the pics. We're having the time of our lives! Ciao P.S. the above pic is from the train station in Dijon, France. Gotta practice whenever we find time!!!
Monday, Aug. 14, 2006 OK - DAY 4! SO...First of all please forgive any spelling errors...this French keyboard is a challenge! Our trip has been fantastic thus far. After flying through the night we arrived in Paris on Saturday morning. We dropped our bags at 9:00AM and walked straight to the Louvre where we got to hang with the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Then the rain began...and continued until this morning. Yesterday were the 1000 year old cathedrals of Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle. I think we have gone through about seven bottles of French wine and ten kinds of cheese and breads so far. Lindsay has been a complete godsend: her French has carried us throughout our stay. Today we are on our way to Milan and then down to Florence for one night. I will send another update as soon as humanly possible! Pictures will follow ASAP. AU REVOIR!
WELCOME TO DAY 1 OF THE OFFICIAL EUROPE 2006 EXTRAVAGANZA! 12:30PM: We are anxiously awaiting the taxi that will take us to JFK airport...Where we will patiently wait four more hours before departing for France. We arrive in Paris at 7AM at which point we hope to drop our bags at the hotel and run over to Notre Dame...Chris says that the guidebook says we should be on line there at 8AM. MORE SOON!
Monday, July 17, 2006 HOLY COW WHAT A GREAT GIBNEY'S GIG LAST NIGHT!!! I don't even know where to begin...Thanks to everyone who made it out to the acoustic melee at the Gibs' Sunday night! It was a rockin' time with no shortage of magical moments...beginning with our Gibney's sing-along of MEET THE METS to welcome MET slugger Cliff Floyd to the plate at Wrigley field last night. Cliff responded with a GRAND SLAM, only to be followed a few hitters later with ANOTHER GRAND SLAM by Carlos Beltran!!! With such an auspicious beginning, I should have known it would be a night to remember. The Greek Song followed next, accompanied by an outstanding demonstration of traditional Greek dancing by our very own Sammy! Russell then blessed us with an acoustic rendition of The Humpty Dance, followed by the long-standing Gibney's tradition of Jules and Dave delivering a heart-palpitating performance of U2's One. Harmonica Matt, a newcomer to Gibney's, surprised everyone when he busted out a harp to join in for Willie Nelson's Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys, much to the delight of his friends, Steve and Jill. Finally, thanks to Kevin, Richie, Jamie (Summer of '69), Tara (The First Cut), Jessica (Me and Bobby McGee), Mike (Sweet Home Alabama), and Anna (Suspicious Minds/The Gambler/Sweet Child O'Mine!), for making the gig such a memorable event!
Saturday, July 8, 2006 The show at Putnam national last night was wonderful! The weather was perfect for outdoor live music and the people were very nice and stayed all night! A couple of CD's were sold as well! Thanks Marky for joining me on a whole bunch of covers and originals. Finally, it was great not only to see 3/4 of Jules and the Family, but also the families of Jules and the Family: Tim, Charlotte, and my cousin Jimmy, who I have not seen for almost twenty years! I hope the next two shows at Putnam National are just as memorable! In more great news, check out the new Hope Machine album (above pic) featuring our good friend, Fred Gillen Jr. Sculls and I photographed the cover shot at the anti-war rally in Washington DC last November, 2005.
Sunday, July 2, 2006 Good morning! I have officially begun my summer vacation! Now the real fun starts. The album is almost finished - we're still a few weeks away from completing all the music parts - and the solo July dates are in place. I'm spending this first full week of "vacation" getting some new and old covers together for the Putnam National Golf Club. I also have to call and see about some GUITAR LESSONS at Putnam Music...so excited! My brother and I are hoping to put some Beatles' tunes together for work on both sides of the Atlantic this summer. Speaking of which, the dates for Belgium are almost all set! In other news, I was so happy to watch the Mets beat the Yankees 8-2 on Saturday after a disappointing weekend in Boston. We'll be there cheering our boys on Wednesday and Thursday this week. OH! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FRIEND AND GUITAR PLAYER EXTRAORDINAIRE JONATHAN LLOYD! It's a big one. We were so happy to spend your b-day with you and The Family (the blood relatives and the band)! Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July! Love Jules
Join me for 3 Fridays in July at thePutnam National Golf Club in Mahopac, NY. The club is open to the public, and the setting is a beautiful patio area where you can have dinner and drinks, or just hang around with good friends. Special musical guests are always expected! Check the CALENDAR for details! THANK YOU FINLAND FOR OVER 399 HITS IN JUNE!
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 ***Cancelled: Starving Artist Cafe Aug. 4. Planning to reschedule. Opus 465, July 14, also cancelled. More dates being negotiated. Just back from watching the Mets sweep the Phillies in Philadelphia!!! Check out the pics. More later.
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 ***Cancelled: Starving Artist Cafe Aug. 4. Planning to reschedule. Will post new date ASAP! Just got back from doing a little writing with Marc on a tune called "Practical Others." Getting a little political in my old age, hope you dig it. The album is slow and steady; we're getting a little bit more done each week. There are also a few summer gigs materializing...take a peak at the calendar page if you'll be in the New York or Belgium areas this summer! More later, Jules
Saturday, June 3, 2006 Congratulations to my good friend Marc Von Em! Marc performed on Good Morning America yesterday with Rob Thomas and Jewel! The picture above is of Marc and I two years ago at the Sunset House. YOU ROCK MARC! Have a great weekend! Jules
May 29, 2006 It has been a wonderful weekend. Happy 1st birthday to little James Madden! And happy graduation to me! Radio City Music Hall here I come!!! (Hunter's graduation is held there...no bookings yet.) Love what you do! Jules
Monday May 22, 2006. The pic above is of the diamond-vision at Shea Stadium...We had to give the shout-out to my parents on their 20th anniversary celebration! LET'S GO METS!!! GREAT NEWS THIS WEEK: WELCOME TO THE BRONX! I have finally been invited to play in the world famous BRONX! Join me at the Starving Artist Cafe on City Island this summer for great music, seafood, spinach dip...you name it. This is really the place to be on a hot August evening, so check out the CALENDAR page and make reservations to meet me there!
Saturday May 13, 2006 It's only Saturday morning and it has already been an awesome weekend! Scully, Debbie, Chris and I saw ELVIS COSTELLO last night at the Brooklyn Academy of Music! What an incredibly talented composer and performer! I aspire to be as wonderful on stage as he is. Very down to earth, funny, sincere, and happy to hang with all of us for almost 3 hours!!! If you enjoy a real storyteller, then get on over to itunes and buy some Elvis Costello RIGHT NOW. In other news this week, we got the vocals down for "Donkey Bone Highway," and I'm thinking some guitar and drums may have been put down last night. Of course, the update will follow shortly. Have a wonderful weekend. Do what you love, Julie
May 7, 2006 Today was a pretty productive day for Jules and the Family. We spent the afternoon at Marky's working on "Donkey Bone Highway"...the name is tentative. Actually, it might end up being called "Spinning." Anway, we set up a mic in the bathroom/vocal booth and worked out a pretty melody for the bridge. It's fast becoming one of my favorites. Have a great week! ps. Check out my talented friend Naya Tabia on the updated LINKS page!
Sunday, April 30, 2006 It has been a weekend to remember! The First Annual Manhattan East-ravaganza was a HUGE success! The weather was gorgeous and so many old and new faces stopped by to say hello and support Manhattan East! The band, Johnny, JL, Debbie Tuzman and Chris Corbalis, were outstanding, as was our guest singer, Naya Tabia! Our three student performances also ROCKED! We even got a visit from the Manhattan Boro-president! Aren't we important?! Pictures of this memorable event will be posted this afternoon, so be sure to check back soon! Love what you do, Jules
Monday, April 24, 2006 I have spent the week at the New York Public Library working on my thesis, so there hasn't been much going on in the way of music. We have, however, had two great rehearsals for our upcoming Block Party gig. Debbie Tuz and my brother Chris will be joining us for this fun afternoon, and they have been awesome and fun to work with. I will post some pics of these rehearsals tomorrow. Have a great weekend! Jules ps. Please give a look to Pat Kelly's brand new website, unveiled last week! Top of the LINKS page! pps. JUST A QUICK SHOUT OUT TO THE NETHERLANDS!!! 402 HITS FROM HOLLAND ALONE THIS MONTH!
Friday, April 14, 2006 Got back from DC at midnight. So much traffic but worth every second! We spent two awesome days at RFK stadium watching the METS blow out the Nationals. Believe it or not I was twenty feet away from Jose Reyes, but too shy to ask for an autograph! I just stood there, all alone, with my dumb sign (above). Maybe next time. Happy Easter and Passover! Jules
Thursday, April 13, 2006 Sculls, Chris, and I caught the second half of the Mets vs. Nationals game in DC at RFK Stadium last night! Since we have nothing better to do, we'll be heading to today's game, too! Of course we brought no toiletries and no change of clothes, but I think that's just proof that we're keepin' it real...real dirty. Enjoy the weekend! Jules
Tuesday, April 11, 2006 Yeah, it's my birthday! It has been a great day. Thank you for all the well wishes and the awesome gig at Gibney's on Sunday! The LINKS have been updated so go check out some new music! Jules
Recording is still going strong! We spent yesterday getting a gorgeous mandolin track down and a vocal conclusion for Show Me Your Face, and then between 7pm and midnight I learned the bass line for Without You. Unfortunately, I didn't play anything worth saving, but I'm getting there. I have a few pics from yesterday's session.
HAPPY OPENING DAY!!! LET'S GO METS!!! Check out my team, and Marci and I at a game last season.
We are getting some gigs together for late Spring, so keep an eye on the CALENDAR for the details. Recording continues to be fruitful. Got done vocals for Suesstender last week and acoustic guitar for Show Me Your Face. Johnny just informed me that the drums for Freight Train were finished yesterday!!!! I am not feeling so great this week, but all of the awesome people in my life (family, friends, students, bandmates) have inspired me to get up every morning and face each day. Not before a sock or two gets thrown at me to get out of bed though! Jules ps: THANKS Richard of Starlite Karaoke for throwing a great party at Gibney's this past Sunday night! I had fun singing "These Boots Are Made for Walking!" Check out where Starlite will be this week. pps: The LINKS page continues to be updated. This week check out the new PUB website in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Sunday, March 12, 2006 PICS from Henry's on the Hudson are now posted! Today was a lot of fun listening to Gus and Brian at the Starving Artist Cafe on City Island, New York. The venue is a beautiful place to hear live music, check out cool, local artwork, and to eat the greatest spinach dip in the world! The Starving Artist is a real gem of a hang. We are getting some gigs together for late Spring, so keep an eye on the CALENDAR for the details. More recording in store for today and tomorrow! Marc has been tirelessly editing the mammoth amount of tracks we have accumulated since we started this thing, so I will update you on that process later on in the weekend when I find out the details. Enjoy the weekend! Jules
Tuesday, March 8, 2006 HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHRIS CORBALIS! (it was the 3rd and I'm a moron). Check out the calendar for an upcoming April gig! I don't know if new originals will be ready to go by this point, but it will be fun! THIS JUST IN: Jules and the Family on the radio AGAIN in Denmark!!! This time the Danes got a little taste of Melt Away! Have a great week! CHECK OUT MY GOOD FRIEND MEGAN AND SKEEGER THIS WEEK: What: Hilarious sketch comedy Title: Boy, New Sketches Are Hard to Write: The Best of Skeeger When: Wed. 3/8, Thurs. 3/9, & Fri. 3/10 @ 10pm Where: Access Theatre (380 Broadway, two blocks south of Canal, 4th Floor) $5
Recording Journal - I've lost track of what day this is! Recording is still going strong! I laid down vocals for "Without You" on Friday night...The song is a big challenge for me with a couple of pretty high notes, but I nailed it in about 3 hours. I saw Marc last night and he was beaming at Johnny's drumming yesterday afternoon. He says drums for "Without You" and "Show Me Your Face" are down and incredible. As if there was ever any doubt. JL is back from Florida today so I think it will be his turn again this week. While the band has been relentlessly capturing much of this process on video, Scully has been home editing the footage and creating daily DVD's of the whole thing...THANKS SCULLS! You may not play an instrument, but you definitely ROCK! Finally, after all that we went to Henry's on the Hudson last night to see Brian Conigliaro and Gus Wieland, known as "Two Guitars," play some our favorite Beatles, Doobies, and Dave Matthews. I aspire to play acoustic half as good as either one of them. You can see what I mean by checking out Brian's website through the LINKS page. Be good and have fun, Jules
Tuesday, 2/28/06 Well, back to work and "real life." I'm lucky I love teaching so much, because there was a point last week when I looked around the studio, listening to the music in my headphones, trying to warm up by the heater, and laughing with my four best friends at 1 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, that I thought to myself, "I could get used to this." Be good, and do something good for yourself this week. Jules
Friday, Feb. 24, 2006 OKAY I'M BACK! JL is explaining to me the great ideas that have been flowing since Friday night. Big decisions were made looking for the perfect electric sound on "Maybe I Said," but it sounds like more work needs to be done. Johnny got a fantastic drum track for the same song Friday night...so that's great news. We are just getting started right now, so I'll be back with more updates tomorrow! Aren't the videos great? Thanks Sculls! Jules
Day 6 Good morning! I'm home today to do some studying for tomorrow's test, but I just wanted to give a quick update on the CD progress. Last night we laid down the scratch for "Without You" and "Show Me Your Face." I put down vocals for "Maybe I Said." The pace is fast but thorough and we're still having a great time. There is some video of the session now available! It's pretty funny, and you'll get a great idea of what we've been laughing at for the past week. Be good, and keep rockin'! Jules
Day 5? Feb. 23, 2006 Hello All, It's Thursday and we're all exhausted. The guys have been going non-stop since Saturday and everything finally caught up to us at about 10pm last night. Tonight's line up includes putting down the scratch tracks for "Hear Me" and "Without You." I think I'm in for some more singing as well. I'm going to see if I can get one of the guys to write the journal for Friday and Saturday, as I will be home studying for a big History test I'm taking on Saturday morning. Be good, and keep an eye out for the video footage! jules
Feb. 22, 2006 THIS JUST IN (yesterday): JULES AND THE FAMILY ON THE AIRWAVES IN DENMARK! Radio Holstebro (97.4 FM) is playing "DO IT AGAIN" sometime today! YEAH!!!!!!!! Thank you, Kjell, for making this happen. Day 4 Recording Yesterday was the toughest day in the studio for me, so far. I'm trying to clean up a little singing sloppiness without losing my "style", which is really just untrained scooping that I like to think is bluesy. Many times, though, it just ends up sounding flat. I sang Suesstender over and over and over last night, but I just couldn't get the notes out that I needed to sing. It was kind of little setback in my mind, but the guys were super supportive and have convinced me it CAN and will be done soon. Ending on a fantastic note (no pun intended!) we put down the scratch track for "Pushing Them Away/Maybe I Said" and it was great. More of the same tonight! Lastly, Sculls worked on a little documentary footage last night that will be posted soon...it's really funny! Be good, jules
Day 3 Recording (2/21/06) NEW PICS UPDATED FROM RECORDING SESSIONS ONE AND TWO! After a bit of a drum debacle yesterday morning, the afternoon and evening recording sessions were very good. "Suesstender" is shaping up to be some classic JATF...it's a bit of an homage to the staff at Gibney's in Astoria. We have been videotaping the process; I'll be able to post some of that "documentary" footage hopefully tonight or first thing tomorrow. Today will be a great challenge because we are not meeting until nightfall and we plan on tackling the "new" tunes we have all written together over the past year and a half. All four of us have invested a lot of emotion into this particular batch of tunes, so it will be extemely interesting to see where today's session takes (or leads) us. Have a great week! Jules
Day 2 Recording Monday Feb. 20, 2006 Another fantastic, productive day yesterday in the studio, with footage abound to prove it! All of the main instrumentation has been recorded for "For Cynthia" and "Undivided", and the groundwork has been laid for the JATF classic "Suesstender." JL is back from the stomach thingy and is as rockin' as ever! Photos from the session will be posted tonight, and if we can figure out how to do it, some video will be up as well. It has been an incredibly intense and fun experience so far. More tonight and tomorrow, Jules
Sunday, February 19, 2006. HI! Hope everyone is enjoying this chilly President's Weekend. I am celebrating President's Week in the studio. Yesterday's session was fantastic! In addition to a few great takes by Marky and Johnny recording bass and drums, I finally wrote the last verse to "Undivided" and lyrics for the bridge of "For Cynthia." JL will be joining us today after a minor bout of stomach flu...ready to rock, I'm sure. I'll post some pics from this weekend's sessions tomorrow night. We are also attempting to videotape our rehearsals...perhaps a complimentary DVD should accompany the new disc??? In other news, the Belgium Summer tour is gradually taking shape...The dates for those gigs and other US Spring dates will be posted when we get a good idea of when the album will be finished and packaged. Rock and roll, Jules
This weekend is full of awesome performances by some great musicians and artists, including Jay Gisser in Croton, Bryan Gordon in Putnam Valley, and Marc Osborn with The Ramble in Manhattan. If you like sketch comedy you might also enjoy Skeeger, performing this Monday night (2/13)! Go through the LINKS page to check them all out! MORE GREAT NEWS: Jules and the Family is in the final preparation stages for recording our second album just two weeks from now! "Hurricane" and "For Cynthia" are two tunes that will be on this next disc, and you can listen to them on the MUSIC page. I AM SO EXCITED! Also, a BIG THANKS to Marcell for publicizing the Belgian Summer tour. So far, juliecorbalis.com has received nearly 800 hits from Belgium in February alone! Finally, check out the updated LINKS page to hear new cool bands, and learn about artists, writers, and places to hang. Even old links are constantly updated, so don't be afraid to click around things you have already scouted. Enjoy the weekend, Jules
HELLO! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Good news: Looks like Jules and the Family will be getting a little radio play in Denmark! Weird, but true. I wonder if we can work out a tour stop there in August??? I'll have to see. I will pass on the details when they become available. On another note, there a bunch of great bands like Soulstream and Tosser playing around NYC this week, so hop over to the LINKS page and check out their schedules! Have a good week, Jules
Hi there! GREAT NEWS: A Belgian summer tour is beginning to take shape! Got the call about a week ago from Marcell, a great musician I met last year in Hooglede, Belgium. Right now I am booking gigs with him in the latter part of August. The updates will come as we figure it all out. In other news, the calendar will start to look a little fuller for Jules and the Family come Spring time. We are shooting to wrap the new album in mid-February, and we'll be playing a fund-raiser block-party for my school in late April, no doubt with some special guests! Enjoy the week! Jules
MANY NEW UPDATES ON JULIECORBALIS.COM!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! The first week of the year has been fantastic. Just want to write a HUGE "THANKS!" to those of you who wrote such flattering reviews of the Jules and the Family CD on CDBABY.com. It really makes my day and inspires me to see a few kind words up there and it motivates me to continue to write music and keep singing. Those newly posted songs have been doing well, and one of them (For Cynthia) may even be reconsidered for our next band album! Hope you get to enjoy your weekend with family and friends! Jules
Thursday, December 29, 2005 MANY NEW UPDATES ON JULIECORBALIS.COM!!!!! As promised (phew!) there are some serious updates happening on my site. As of 5 minutes ago there are new PICS and3 NEW TUNES posted! These tunes are demos from the vault. On the last album, we tried to choose songs that featured diversity in songwriting, tempos, melodies and feel. We were left with almost a dozen songs that did not make the cut, and here are the rough takes of 3 of those songs that wound up on the shelf. They may sound familiar since they were in rotation at live gigs for about 3 years. The songs are very special to me because they are some of the first tunes I ever wrote. They are also some of the first that Jules and the Family cut our teeth on getting to know each other musically. Give the old/new tunes a listen and let me know what you think. While there may be little doubt you are listening to a singer and songwriter in her infant stages, as well as a band that's still getting to know one another, I hope you enjoy what you hear. I'm still planning on that acoustic solo album one of these vacations, and some of these tunes will hopefully land among those tracks! THANKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE YEAR! Love, Jules
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 HAVE A WONDERFUL, HEALTHY, AND SAFE HOLIDAY SEASON AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ps: those "new/old" songs will be posted before January 1, 2006 AS PROMISED!
TRANSIT STRIKE CULMINATION, DAY 3 Just when I'm getting the hang of this walking thing, rumor has it that management and the transit workers have reached an agreement. Well, my short lived dreams of a utopian, HOV, pedestrian friendly New York City have come to an end, but not before I realized how possible it is for many good things to come out of a situation that initially looks grim, like getting to know my friends a little better, and getting some exercise. Enjoy the weekend. Maybe we'll pass by one another on the sidewalk tomorrow. Happy Holidays! Jules
TRANSIT STRIKE DAY 2 Apparently, talks are going nowhere between management and transit workers here in New York City. While no public transportation is a major inconvenience, it has been an interesting experience to walk to and from work the last two days. 2nd Ave was eerily quiet this morning compared to yesterday, and a bunch more kids showed up for school than originally expected. Carpooling is so good for the people and the city! Less traffic, less money on gas, better for the environment, and hell, it gives us all something to talk about with our new commuting buddies! There's got to be a song in all this somewhere...I'll have to dig out those old hokey solidarity gems from the 60's...I'll let you know what I come up with. Enjoy the walk, Jules
TRANSIT STRIKE Well, it has been a crazy day (so far!). In case it wasn't before, today it has become crystal clear to many New Yorkers just how important our city's transit workers are to our basic survival in New York City. I'm proud and supportive of the union for not settling for an unfair contract. The city can't function without them; they deserve more respect than what they have gotten. Today I encouraged my students to write about this historic moment and how it has affected their lives. I urge you to do the same, as will I. In the future, historians will need eyes and ears on the ground, in the past, who bore witness to these events. You can offer those senses, so people down the road can begin to understand the impact of this strike on daily New York lives. Enjoy the walk, Jules
Hey there - Finals are over and I feel like I'm almost ready to become a normal person once again. One of the first things I'm planning on doing when this transformation takes place will be to get some new songs up on this site...Well, I guess they're technically "old" songs, but they'll be new to juliecorbalis.com. I know this is a major promise, and I'll be a big loser if I don't come through with it, but I really think I can do it. Give me 'til January 1st before the nasty e-mails begin! Have a great week! and check out those AM Band shots on the PICS page...they're so great.
Hope everyone had a wonderful THANKSGIVING! The Jules and the Family CD makes a fantastic stocking stuffer, as well as a very cool coaster! It will be the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves Rock, or who's tired of the same old music year after year. Plus, you don't even have to leave home to buy it! CDBABY.com is our awesome online host who will send the CD out the day you order it! I should also mention if you generally like "indy" music, then check out the musicians on the LINKS page for a few more CD's you can stock up on this holiday season. I promise you will not be disappointed. The photo art above is a great example of how blurry photographs don't have to be deleted...Check out the pics page for a bunch of photos with some creative touches added by our very own JL.
Saturday November 12, 2005 Good Morning, Yesterday being Veterans Day has a lot more meaning these days as we greet our young veterans coming home from wars overseas. We can honor them best by bringing them all home soon. Enjoy the week! Jules
Happy Election Day! I just got back from voting. Though it doesn't seem like one person can make a difference (as I was reminded numerous times today), I must disagree. Voting reassures us that we, the people, are responsible for those who are in power. We have only ourselves to congratulate or blame when those in power use that power for good or evil. Enjoy the rest of the week, and check out the LINKS page for an updated link to my friend Chris Mastro's photography site.
Our Sunset House Halloween Bash 5000 was absolutely AWESOME! Anakin Skywalker, Captain Morgan, Dracula and his Bride all stopped by, as well as doctors, dead guys, tennis players, the Sunset House softball team, soldiers, jesters, flappers, lumberjacks and even a giant "male member" danced the night away with Jules and the Family. You can see them all on the PICS page. Thanks everyone for dressing up and having so much fun! We'd also like to thank Billy Murray for joining the band for our favorite Sublime cover "What I Got." Ok, we're doing some more updating tonight...Have a great day!
Thursday October 27, 2005 Hello! Gearing up for the Sunset House gig this Saturday October 29...I think I am dressing up as a cheetah. More importantly, I've been practicing the new tunes all week!! ALSO: Bryan Gordon is playing at Gibney's this Sunday night (Oct. 30). His song selection is awesome, and his orginal music is even better. I'll be there. Jules
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 Gearing up for the HALLOWEEN PARTY at Sunset House in Peekskill Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005 @ 8:30pm. There will be awesome costumes and NEW ORIGINAL TUNES! We are working on some "Best Costume" prizes, as well as trying to come up with a good band costume. Let me know if you think of anything clever. In the meantime, I'm going to see U2 TONIGHT! (THANKS CLAIRE!!). Of course I'll report back soon. Jules
It has been a weekend to remember! I found myself in Washington DC for the anti-war rally on Saturday morning. It was an absolutely electrifying experience to march with an estimated 300,000 people. Check it out on the pics page.(more on the way...) After the rally Sculls and I headed to RFK Stadium for the METS/Nationals game, during which David Wright hit a grand slam in the first inning! It was awesome to see so many MET fans in our nation's capital. As a history teacher I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the plantation of our nation's first president, George Washington (did I have to clarify who that was?). And so this morning (Sunday) we drove over to Virginia and toured his Mt. Vernon plantation...some of those pics will be up shortly as well. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Julie's weekend could not possibly get any better!" WRONG! Upon returning from DC we headed on down to Gibney's to catch 2 sets of my favorite folk singer, Fred Gillen Jr. He rocked, of course...Check him out next Friday night at the Peekskill Coffeehouse, Sep. 30 @ 8pm. OK, that's all for now folks. Things are great, music is great, and the rally was one of the best experiences of my life. Fight for what you believe in.
Hola! Just updated today are a few pics from a great birthday party we had the pleasure of playing two weeks ago. We met a bunch of very fun people and learned about 10 new songs including Grateful Dead, The Band, Janis Joplin and Fleetwood Mac (though this last one needs some work!). The highlight was 12-year-old Elizabeth dedicating and singing "Yellow Submarine" to her dad, birthday boy Mike. We all got a little misty- eyed for that one. Thanks Carmen and Mike for sharing your special occasion with us! In other news, the band got together last night to continue working on some new tunes. It sounds great and we're looking forward to sharing them with everyone!
Happy Labor Day! A great time was had by all at Gibney's last night...Even that guy who almost got arrested when Ruari cut him off...A special thanks to Lou on electric guitar, Megan with the amazing Janis Joplin pipes, Dr. Ron, MTV Dave and the host of backing vocalists who happily sang along and made me feel so good! The money from last night's gig is going straight to Hurricane Katrina relief, and so I thank you for that as well. School starts tomorrow for me, so the gigs will be somewhat sporadic throughout the Fall, however mark your calendars for the Halloween bash of the century at the Sunset House in Peekskill, Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005. Jules and the Family will be performing a disc worth of new tunes, as well as the old favorites. We look forward to seeing you there!
Wed. Aug. 31: NEW MUSIC LINK! Check out this new tune that Johnny, JL, Marc and I penned last November, 2004. Ironically, we got together that night to write in the midst of a hurricane heading towards the Northeast. The end result is a simple tune entitled "Hurricane." Our thoughts and love go out to all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina. All the proceeds from the Gibney's gig this Sunday will be donated to the relief effort. In other news, we saw Johanna on Sunday night at SoNo Caffeine in Norwalk, CT. Johanna's vocals throughout her entire original set knocked me right off my chair. I even thought about quitting singing for good, it was just THAT great! Check her site and music out through the links page.
Summer's almost over and I'm sad...So I did what any nostalgic musician would do and went through some old gig photos...which are now posted on an updated Pics page! I also had the great pleasure of enjoying not 1 but 2 (!) awesome performances this past Sunday at Gibney's: Steve Chizmadia and Fred Gillen Jr., as well as Pie Boys Flat. All of these guys are great players and have cool websites so CHECK THEM OUT! Ok, have a great weekend and GO METS! ~Jules
THANKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE EVENING AT THE SUNSET HOUSE! It was so awesome to see SO MANY family and friends...Check out the amazing fun on the Pics page!!!! ALSO: pick up a copy of the August issue of Westchester's premiere music newspaper MORE SUGAR to read a glowing article on Jules and the Family...There's even a little COVER photo! Thanks Lindsay Noonan!
Thanks for a "butt" (very) fun night at the Rusty Rudder on Friday Aug. 5. I met a friendly bunch of people and had a great time seeing some old friends (MOE you rock!). Check out the pics link for all of last night's action. See everyone tonight at Sunset House in Peekskill for the big Jules and the Family jam! (Check the calendar for details).
Hey! The weekend was great! Unfortunately, the camera crapped out for the Putnam National Golf Club gig on Friday night, which was too bad considering it was an outdoor gig and a beautiful night. Marc hosted a really cool bonfire the following night, during which we ceremoniously cremated a broken acoustic bass in the middle of the night (check out the pics link). It was sad, but kind of cool too. Gigs at the end of this week include The Rusty Rudder in Continental Village, NY, and Sunset House in Peekskill. Check the calendar for details.
LAST MINUTE GIG TONIGHT! FRI, JULY 29 6-9PM PUTNAM NATIONAL GOLF CLUB (see calendar for details) See you on Saturday, August 6th @ 8:30 pm at the Sunset House in Peekskill. Tables are filling up fast so e-mail me to reserve some seats ASAP.
Thanks for coming out to OPUS 465 in Armonk this past Saturday night! It was so great to see a lot of old friends and family. Also: THANKS DEBBIE TUZMAN! What a rock star! THIS GAL CAN SING!
7-21-05 Hello there, I have just booked a last minute gig at OPUS 465 in Armonk, NY for this Saturday night (6/23)...details in the calendar. Joining me will be special guest and great friend/incredible teacher Debbie Tuzman! Cheers!
7-17-05 Hi there! Thanks to Noel and the gang at The Pub in Williamsburg for a wonderful evening! Check out the "pics" link for updated shots from the gig. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sat. August 6 at Sunset House for a great gig with Chris Corbalis on bass and fireworks at 9:30pm.
7/11/05 Great goings-on of late! It has been a fabulous two weeks! First, we had a blast at Gibney's of Astoria on July 3. CHECK OUT THE UPDATED PICS LINK FOR ALL THE ACTION! Special thanks to Lou on acoustic lead for a few songs, as well as all the guest singers! There were at least 4 teachers in the house as well! It was reassuring that people are taking their Summer seriously. Next, I have to say thanks for dancin' with me (as usual at Gibney's) to Bryan Gordon's incredible 3 sets last night! PLEASE check hin out!! He rocks. Finally: I'll see you on Saturday night in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! See the calendar page for details. There's a back patio and a grill if anyone is interested in a picnic. Thanks, Jules ps. The pic above is an oldy but goody with MTV Dave on air guitar at Le Bar Bat from Fall 2003. Thanks Scott Dwyer for the photo! ;)
Happy Fourth of July! Two things: 1) An awesome book to read for this patriotic occasion would be A Brilliant Solution by Carol Berkin...You'll really understand what you're celebrating as you dodge those shady mid-western fireworks...2) The GIBNEY'S gig ROCKED last night! Summer of '69 was a particular success, as was the original island-hopping-hit GREEK SONG. So much so that I had to break the musicians' sacred code of "No repeats during a gig." It was worth it! Thanks again to everyone at Gibneys, especially Lou on that beautiful Takamine. As Ringo once sang, "I got by with a little help from my friends."
Just a quick thanks to bride and groom Daryl and Mark from Yorktown! The Jules and the Family band played for this couple's backyard wedding reception this past Saturday and we had an absolute blast. Try to picture little kids and adults alike dancing to the music and jumping in on background vocals...You guys have an incredible network of special family and friends. Thanks for sharing that with us!
Somehow - I don't know how - juliecorbalis.com has surpassed 10,000 hits in its first two weeks of existence!!! Thank you guys for coming to check this thing out! Updates available this weekend. OH! I almost forgot: Dan Pelletier is playing the Black Cow in Croton this Saturday night, 6/11/05. He is an incredible singer/songwriter and a great keyboard player. Again, THANKS! (Photo taken on Mt. Tai Shan, China 2004)
Hi everyone, you rock for coming to check out the new site! And thanks for the incredible supportive e-mails you have sent throughout the week! Things are busy but great. Gigs are shaping up for the summer, but more importantly a bunch of us (about 30,000 to be more specific!) held a NYC teacher's union rally at Madison Square Garden this past Wednesday. If you haven't heard, we've been working without a contract for two years and the negotiations are going NOWHERE, even in this election year! Anywho, just want to ask that you continue to support all the educators you know. I'll keep you posted on any developments over the Summer. -Jules
Went to see The AM Band...WOW what a great show!! Check out the Links page...They will be at Brodie's in Mohegan Lake on Saturday, June 4th. It's a "not to miss" show. Bring your dancing shoes...Hope to see everyone there!! Jules
Hi there~ Welcome to my new website! We're still working out how to navigate this thing and how to make it as cool and user-friendly as possible, so check back now and then to see new photos, gigs, music and other fun stuff. thanks and peace, jules

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