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  • May 23
    AJ's Sports Bar,  Yorktown Hgts.
  • Jun 7
    Tony & Nick's,  Ellenville


Jules and the Family
Jules and the Family


Undivided By Jules and the Family I been waiting for your words across the wire Cuz I was so sure that you’d call while you’re still mad At first I thought that what I said was right on time But as seconds go by and you don’t call I just wish you would Drive all night to find me Let the headlights flood the road ahead behind me Let’s get on back to things were better at Like being undivided I got my eyes set on the road outside my childhood window I been here so long watching cars and trees and dragons fly by I used to wait here for my father’s Lincoln What did I know? I never thought that I’d be waiting hoping you might want to Drive all night to find me Let the windshield wipers clear the view inside me Let’s get on back to things we’re better at Like being undivided Now the night falls and your phone call wakes me from my troubled sleep I can’t believe I doubted you would let me say I’m sorry The road ahead’s a dark one with many twists and different ways to go But no matter where it leads we’ll always be together this I know

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